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ICe AGE Farmer: Pigs Catch COVID – UK Bans Free Range Chickens! – War on Meat / Animal Ag

First the mink — now the pigs? A new study shows pigs are susceptible to COVID-19, setting the stage for mass culls of our food supply in the name of zoonotic threats and public health. The UK has banned outdoor chickens under guise of “bird flu” biosecurity. The establishment is whittling away at real, healthy protein production — even as bills are floated to end factory farming (which is great!–but not if we have outlawed free range/healthy/regenerative animals first!). It’s time to start getting serious about producing protein for your family. Christian breaks it down.

ADAPT 2030: The Great Reset, Your Food & Words that Will be Forbidden

Millennial Kiwi Conclusion: They want to tell what food we can eat and what you can call it food. I know it’s not about getting us to be healthy; it’s about control. They’re using climate change and the pandemic to scare people into accepting the great reset or the new normal; that elite are pushing according to the World Economic Forum which they Admit; You Will Own Nothing. This is very concerning because will have no property rights and if you have more than other than you have to share it; sound like communism to me. Look like “the great reset or new normal” does not inspire me. There forth I reject it and you should to.

Ice age Farmer: When Gardens Are Outlawed, Only Criminals Will Grow Food

“Gardening is too dangerous!” Authorities are REMOVING plants grown from “unauthorized seeds!” The media is warning that homegrown food can be poisonous, and backyard chickens can be fatal. Soon, for your protection, growing food and raising animals will be illegal. Competition is sin to the transhumanists who are taking over our food supply, and they intend to eliminate it. Christian looks ahead — but not too far — at the agenda to criminalize homesteading.

Eco Liberty Conclusion: Control Food; you Control the people. In New Zealand 9 Years the government have try to make grow food illegal with the Bill (160-2) but there a push back from the Gardners, Farmer and Growers and won. But there will time the NZ government will try again especially if Labour or National is elected. It has nothing to do with safely but has something to do with control and with United Nations Agenda 21/2030. Beat them by growing your food and raising animals for food.

Ige Age Farmer: FOOD SHUTDOWN: Farmworkers flee COVID-19 tests – CA Orders Meat Plant Closure

Workers are fleeing farms to avoid mandatory COVID-19 testing. California is ordering meat plants to close. The “second wave” has arrived as an controlled demolition of our food supply, to allow the totalitarian, technocratic takeover of our food supply and society. Spread the word and start growing food.

Ice age Farmer: Rockefeller’s “Reset the Table:” Food Tyranny & Transform Food Supply

The Rockefeller Foundation has released a new report, “Reset The Table” — an implied part of “The Great Reset” — describing a radical transformation of our food system in the face of the most significant disruption to our food supply in history. The report calls to provide food to all (like UBI), use schools as community nutrition distribution anchors, de-fund farms/ranches via “true cost accounting” that includes CO2, provide funds to BIPOC, collect realtime data for AI/automation, and much, much more. Christian breaks down this report, which builds upon the assault upon global food supply and your ability to feed your family. Thank you for sharing this report to help spread the word.

Ice Age Farmer: FOOD CRISIS: “Things Are About to Get Much Worse”

Our food system is being systematically destroyed in order to pave the way for a new, FAKE FOOD system of control. UN officials warn that we are now entering Phase 2: “Food Crisis and Economic Collapse,” as Germany shuts down its largest beef & pork processing plant, the Netherlands starts culling animals for “fear of coronavirus spread,” and the US shuts 60+ food processing plants. Spread the word and start growing food today.

That why we need animals in our diet.

Eco Liberty Conclusion: This documentary explains why we need meat on our diet to maintain human optimal health. Why there an agenda to us sick on a vegan diet because the elite want us sick. Why people are more likely to commit crime while their cholesterol are lower than their optimal cholesterol level which that is required for our brains to function.

Those who for taxation on meat is for a sicker society but those who for a healthier society will be against taxation on meat because meat is health.

That why Eco Liberty will expose the lie that the elites are putting out to deceive people by telling that meat is unhealthy, that meat is bad for the planet because they want us sick and gone. Because I want you people to be healthy and not fall down into that trap of deception so we human can live a healthy life and thrive.