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Kim Dotcom is building his own private internet

Source:NZ Stuff
Date:2 November 2015

Kim Dotcom says MegaNet will make it difficult for governments to invade our privacy.

Kim Dotcom is building his own private internet, allegedly safe from the prying eyes of surveillance authorities.

MegaNet will rely on people’s unused processing power on their phones and laptops, and allow them to donate bandwidth to the service.

“The more people that install the MegaNet app on their devices, the more powerful it will become,” Dotcom said via video link at Sydney’s SydStart conference last week.

If 100 million smartphones joined up, the network would have more online storage capacity, bandwidth and calculating power than the top 10 largest websites in the world combined, he said.

It will rely on existing physical internet infrastructure people use today – so-called “dumb pipes” – but will add a new layer of encryption running through all communications. Continue reading Kim Dotcom is building his own private internet

KimDotCom will replace the Internet to squelch surveillance

Kim DotCom tells Max Keiser how the Snowden leaks led govt’s around the world to an arms race to gain NSA’s capabilites for mass surveillance and how he’s going to stop that with by replacing the Internet with entirely encrypted & crowdfunded MegaNet, at a crypto-currency crowdfunding event in Hoxton, London.