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Off Grid Paradise

We are a family owned & operated retail, educational & gardening center, uniquely sustained by the sun, wind and rain.

A 100% off grid Non General-General Store Extravaganza! Complete with a 6,000 square foot Retail Store, Water Garden, Art Gallery, Educational Facility, Production Greenhouse, Solar Farm, Water Harvesting, Re-Art Sculpture Garden and we’re still growing!
We have monthly classes on Texas Solar Energy, Hydroponic Gardening, Water Harvesting and guest lecturers in Painting, Central Texas Gardening and Beekeeping.
on Syria Roundtable with Author Jerome Corsi.

WWII Bomb Shelter Becomes Hi-Tech Salad Farm Deep Under London

Date: 3 September 2015
Author: Olivia Solon

The vertical farms are made up of many growing beds stacked on top of each other inside tunnels and warehouses.

Thirty-three meters under the streets of central London is an old World War II bomb shelter that’s been transformed into a hi-tech underground farm.

The long tunnels beneath Clapham are being filled with stacked layers of hydroponic beds – forming “vertical farms” – for growing salads and herbs that can be delivered to tables in the city within four hours of harvesting.

The growing system uses energy-efficient LEDs instead of sun, no pesticides, needs 70 percent less water than growing plants in open fields, and less energy than a greenhouse.

“The whole system runs automatically, with an environmental computer controlling the lighting, temperature, nutrients and air flow,” explains Steven Dring, co-founder of the company behind the operation, Zero Carbon Food. Continue reading WWII Bomb Shelter Becomes Hi-Tech Salad Farm Deep Under London