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The Benefits of Organic 003

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver takes us to an organic family farm in Saline County, MO getting a firsthand account of why this family chose ‘organic’ over conventional ‘GMO’ farming. In contrast, Millie interviews other residents living in the surrounding area who detail their own personal experience dealing with the serious consequences of conventional farming and the heavy use of herbicides.

Matthew ConclusionThis let you know that Organic is healthy for every human and healthy for environment. We needs to reject GMOs (genetically modification organism) and round up herbicide; start going organic because healthy soil equals healthy plants; healthy plants equals healthy people. GMOs(genetically modification organism) equals not health but sickness

USDA approves genetically engineered potatoes despite GMO backlash

Main Source:Natural News
Date: 7 November 2016
Author: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Once more, the social change engineers and bureaucrats “in charge” of the country are acting like they know best when it comes to the issues of food freedom and food health. Continue reading USDA approves genetically engineered potatoes despite GMO backlash

Animals Know it: Even pigs won’t eat what’s found in many popular survival foods

Main Source: Natural News
Date: 5 November 2016
Author: Vicki Batts

(NaturalNews) Genetically modified corn has become an omniscient presence in the food industry, including in shelf-stable storable foods. Many people have aversions to GM corn and other GM ingredients for a variety of personal reasons, but this new bit of information may shock even those of us who abstain from consuming GM foods.

Even pigs won’t eat GM corn. Continue reading Animals Know it: Even pigs won’t eat what’s found in many popular survival foods

Animals Know it: If Animals Won’t Eat Genetically Modified Corn, Why Do We?

Source: Daily Health post
Date: 19 February 2014
Author: April Klazema

Okay, let’s be real – most of us don’t think about what’s actually on our dinner plates.

We may check out the labels, read up on the ingredients, and many of us even take special care to ensure that we eat natural fruits and veggies and goods made with all-natural ingredients. Continue reading Animals Know it: If Animals Won’t Eat Genetically Modified Corn, Why Do We?

Farmers now turning to ‘Weed Terminator’ robot to combat herbicide-resistant weeds caused by GMOs

Main Source: Natural News
Date: 4 April 2016
Author: Sarah Landers

(NaturalNews) The biotech industry has been under a lot of scrutiny recently for its part in causing the development of herbicide-resistant weeds, which are becoming a huge problem for farmers. This resistance, combined with the toxicity of herbicides, means that it is crucial that we find an alternative way to get rid of those pesky weeds – and that’s where Ibex, a.k.a. “The Terminator,” comes in. Continue reading Farmers now turning to ‘Weed Terminator’ robot to combat herbicide-resistant weeds caused by GMOs

ChemChina’s Syngenta bid could change China’s stance on GMO foods

Source:South China
Date: 5 February 2016

President Xi Jinping already backs scientific research into genetically modified seeds. And having a Chinese champion should make it easier for the government to permit domestic cultivation.

China is the biggest importer of GMO soybeans. Photo: Reuters

ChemChina can reap the rewards as China opens up to bioengineering. The state-owned group’s US$43 billion bid for Syngenta could thaw hostility towards genetically modified organisms: nationalist fears will be less credible once the seeds are in Chinese hands. Continue reading ChemChina’s Syngenta bid could change China’s stance on GMO foods

7 GMO Myths Debunked By Vandana Shiva

Source:March Against Monsanto
Date: 28 January 2016
Author: Thomasn

Vandana Shiva Quote 01Vandana Shiva is an international environmental activist, author and political advocate. She dispels the major points of interest for the GMO industry. Here are the highlights.

Myth 1: GMOs Are an ‘Invention’ of Corporations, Allowing them to Be Patented And Owned.

Seeds and the living organisms they become are dubbed ‘intellectual property’ of the GMO industry. Under these laws they can stop farmers from saving and sharing seeds. The companies are even allowed to collect royalties on any patented product. A representative of Monsanto publicly stated his company wrote the intellectual property agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Farmers were saving seeds, so they made saving seeds illegal.

As nothing is actually created just modified this claim of creation is far fetched. No new plant or organism is created, genes are merely rearranged and cross species Living organisms are exactly that alive. They are self organizing, self replicating systems. If someone moves your furniture they don’t suddenly own that furniture and your new house. GMO companies are trying to get rich off evolution and generations of farmer’s work.

Myth 2: Genetic Engineering Is More Accurate And Precise Than Conventional Breeding.

Conventional breeding have been based on breeding within a single species. The placement of foreign genes in a new host is not accurate. GMOs have a antibiotic resistance built into them to separate cells that have absorbed foreign genes from those that haven’t. Having this antibiotic gene in our digestive track is what is escalating the antibiotic resistance we have been facing.

Myth 3: GMOs Are Just Like Naturally Occurring Organisms, And Are Therefore Safe.

To collect money companies say they are responsible for everything in the plant. To downplay responsibility the same representatives will spin around and say ‘well the plants naturally do that.’ There is no consistency to their argument, and therefore no guarantee of safety.

Myth 4: GMOs Are Based On Cutting-Edge Science; GMO Critics Are “Anti Science.”

Genes are not a set value they shift, change mutate and diversify. To manipulate one corn stalk is not to make the generations after it exactly like it. There are so many genes working together to achieve multiple levels of goals. GMOs are based off partial science and partial ideology. That we not only know better than evolution but have the immediate means to enforce our idea of ‘perfection’. We have no clue and are very limited on what we can test. Im for solid well tested and fully transparent science not what these companies do.

Myth 4: GMOs Increase Yields And Are The Answer to World Hunger.

Conventional breeding techniques have shown direct increases in crop yields. GMO can only defend against pests and weed more aggressively. This was meant to protect the crops so there would be more but now farmers are reporting a rise in new and more aggressive crop antagonists. We started an arms race the we don’t know how to slow down basically. If GMO industries could have cured hunger, why haven’t they? It would certainly regain them support.

Myth 6: GMOs Reduce Chemical Use And Are Therefore Environmentally Beneficial.

Anywhere there is GMOs, more pesticides are being used. Remember that we made them resistant to sprays and that led to stronger weeds and pests, which circles back to stronger chemicals

Myth 7: GMOs Promote Free Choice.

Five international corporations own the free market and write the rules for it nothing is by choice. The only choice is theirs. They may Provide different options but all their vials have the same poison and intent. In India, Monsanto forced only Bt cotton but under multiple names. In the end any form of participation only helps fuel the machine. If it was a freely made choice why are there so many dicey or non existent label issues.

Stephen Hawking: GMOs, Other Technology Could Render Us Extinct

Source:March Against Monsanto
Date: 26 January 2016
Author: Thomasn

Another scientist has predicted that humanity will not live past the next century. He says that we have created too many uncontained hazards in our march for progress. Most people ignore scientists forecasting issues that will interrupt the gallantry of our day to day life but this is no ordinary mind.

Stephen Hawking, famed theoretical physicist, and the first person to put forward the theory of cosmology. His career has been punctuated with pioneering breakthroughs and ideas.He has been a leading voice in most scientific societies since he graduated from Oxford in 1966.
Hawking says that (and was previously stated) humanity seems hell bent on its destruction.

Artificial intelligence, genetically modified viruses and nuclear energy are just a few of the dangerous advances in society that Hawking believes we are not taking seriously enough. Even the general reaction to a scientist’s warning danger in the future is shot down with apathy or criticized into submission. With so many educated minds crying out for us to be careful why don’t we listen? Hawking is not calling for research of any kind to stop. He is calling out for us to develop countermeasures, stating that.

“We are not going to stop progress, or reverse it so we must recognize the dangers and control them”

I couldn’t agree more. Researchers’ time may be better spent cleaning up sloppily done experiment or opening new lines of inquiry for practical applications of what we have.

Science paper: The real purpose of modern medicine is ‘engineered genocide’ to reduce human population through covert infertility via vaccines, GMOs and drugs

Source:Natural News
Date: 25 January 2016
Author: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) A hugely important paper has just been published in the Epidemiology: Open Access science journal. It is authored by Kevin Mugur Galalae, Founder and Director of the Center of Global Consciousness in Ontario.

In it, Galalae correctly points out that the entire medical-agricultural complex as it exists today is intentionally engineered to deliberately reduce human population. Overpopulation of the planet is a very real and very serious problem, he believes, but the current strategy of world governments to reduce human population via covert infertility, immune suppression and “death by medicine” is unethical and insufficient to achieve the desired level of depopulation. Continue reading Science paper: The real purpose of modern medicine is ‘engineered genocide’ to reduce human population through covert infertility via vaccines, GMOs and drugs

Monsanto Works Hard to Evict Argentinian Protesters

Source:Natural Society
Date: 16 January 2016
Author: Christina Sarich

As groups block completion of toxic GMO plan

Monsanto is trying to evict a bevy of protesters who have gathered in an agricultural province of Cordoba, Argentina. The protesters aim to stop a massive GMO seed plant which would spew vast clouds of toxic fumes and leave regular spills of the neonics, fungicides, and numerous other poisons that would be applied as seed coatings.

A Monsanto-friendly judge armed the monopolizing company with permission to evict the group, so now goons from Monsanto are trying to drive off the camp which is blockading further progress of the plant.

The protesters also argue the plant would add to the already-devastating poison burden the people of the soy zone must endure every day. Citizen groups are rallying to the support of the people of Malvinas, shouting slogans like “Monsanto, get out!”

Activists set up the blockade in 2013, self-organized under the banner of being “in favor of food sovereignty and life” in the Malvinas Argentinas Municipality. The camp has successfully blocked the completion of the GMO plant to date, but with the group’s eviction notice, new developments are sure to arise.

With further ‘friends in high places’ throughout South and Central America, Monsanto seems unphased by the hatred offered to them by so many people. Buenos Aires Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal recently appointed former Monsanto executive Leonardo Sarquis as the Minister of Agriculture in the province.

Sarquis was the general manager of Monsanto’s vegetable seed division for Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay from 2005 to 2007. This might be how Monsanto has been able to keep plans for the seed plant moving forward despite such vehement protests.

Argentina is the world’s largest soybean producer, and Monsanto sees the country as a target for future growth, but activists see Cordoba and the likely site of Monsanto’s GM plant as an “environmental emergency.”



Featured image credit: AFP