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My view on Earth Day

Eco Liberty
Matthew Miller
29 April 2014

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

In 1969 at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honour the Earth and the concept of peace, to first be celebrated on March 21, 1970, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. This day of nature’s equipoise was later sanctioned in a Proclamation written by McConnell and signed by Secretary General U Thant at the United Nations. A month later a separate Earth Day was founded by United States Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in first held on April 22, 1970. Nelson was later awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award in recognition of his work. While this April 22 Earth Day was focused on the United States, an organization launched by Denis Hayes, who was the original national coordinator in 1970, took it international in 1990 and organized events in 141 nations. Numerous communities celebrate Earth Week, an entire week of activities focused on environmental issues. From Wikipedia.

While a lot people believe in the Climate change and Carbon Dioxide scare that we all need to stop driving petrol cars and get on bicycles or into electric car [which most electricity come fossil fuels power plants]. They believe all fossil fuels plant need to be shut down and rely on wind and solar [which they’re not that reliable on a large scale and they require a lot of land]. They will celebrating earth day in an environmentalism way and believe in Al Gore prediction in climate change.

For me I don’t believe Al Gore’s climate change prediction and I use to believe in those environmentalism stuff and I use to give money to Greenpeace because I thought that was part of the club and I start having crazy thoughts like we shouldn’t drive car, we shouldn’t have a big family, we should be in cities, we should have all fossil fuel power plant and factories shutdown and rely on wind or solar. When I found out what Al Gore is telling climate change and carbon dioxide is a lie. Lord Christopher Monckton who exposes the Al Gore climate change CO2 scientific fraud and it’s nothing to do with the environment nor about saving the planet. It about control and removal of our property rights and bring forth Agenda 21.
How I’m going to celebrate earth day? Not in the way the environmentalist would celebrate Earth day because they don’t focus on the real environment; but they focus the nonsense like the climate change is caused by human beings by put out of lot Carbon Dioxide.

What is the real environmental issue, what we should worry about and what we should not worry about?

What environmental issue we should worry about
Water Pollution
Air Pollution
Soil Pollution

What environment issue we should not worry about and why?
Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant: Because CO2 is the gas that we all breathe out and it’s the plants and trees that uptakes the CO2 through leaf the plants and trees to allow Photosynthesis to work. And when CO2, H2O, and the nutrients and key elements are combine inside the plant and tree to create sugar in the plant; then the plant exhale oxygen for as humans and animals to breathe. Answer is that we all need Carbon dioxide not because we breathe but for plant, tree and algae inhale CO2 and Oxygen for humans, animals, birds, fish to breath.
Humans bring cause climate change: Because the Sun is the main driver of climate change. There will be always be warm and cold periods in the past, present, and future and climate change will never crease. Volcano are known to cause some impact the climate depending the Volcano Explosively Index and when Mount Tambora erupted it eject a volume around about 160 km³ and cause a year without summer in 1816.

I hope you all enjoy the earth day without having to worry the environment nonsenses because the scare is over.