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Zika: Why Biotech is Imperative to National Security

Source:New Eastern Outlook
Date: 8 February 2016
Author: Ulson Gunnar

When we think of national security, we think of tanks, jets, missile defense systems and more recently, information space. But what about the realm of the microscopic, the biological or the genetic?

Whether you think biotechnology, genetics and microbes constitute another plane upon the modern battlefield or not is irrelevant. Someone else already does, and they have a head start on the rest of the world. Continue reading Zika: Why Biotech is Imperative to National Security

Zika virus outbreak linked to release of genetically engineered mosquitoes… disastrous unintended consequences now threaten life across the Americas

Source:Natural News
Date: 1 February 2016
Author: Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) GMO skeptics like myself have been warning for years of the unintended consequences of genetic pollution. Even when genetically engineered organisms are released into the world with the best of intentions, such actions can wreak havoc on the ecosystem and human civilization in ways that simply can’t be foreseen by the world’s most well-meaning scientists.

I specifically warned about this in 2012, listing the top 12 threats to humanity posed by out of control science. In that infographic, I designated “Level 4” hazards as “Self-replicating pollution,” naming genetically engineered organisms as the vector for such threats against humanity. (In the years since, many top science figures like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have repeated the warnings from my list, including threats from AI.) Continue reading Zika virus outbreak linked to release of genetically engineered mosquitoes… disastrous unintended consequences now threaten life across the Americas

Frightening Facts About Vaccines, Vinny Eastwood Rima Laibow

Mandatory Forced Vaccination, The Dawn Of A New Age Of Human Enslavement. Vinny Eastwood On The May Day Vaccine Marathon With Dr Rima Laibow MD And Ralph Fusetola


Vaccines are generally accepted by the public to be the sole reason why everyone hasn’t just keeled over and died of deadly infectious diseases in the last century.
Of course, if you ask them how they came to this conclusion,
You will be met with mindless repetition,
Like “They work because they work!”
Or “It works because Doctors say it works!”
Or “It Works Because The government says so!”
Or “It works because the pharmaceutical companies say so!”
Or “They worked because those bad diseases aren’t around any more!”
All of these conclusions sound very reasonable if one blindly trusted any person or organization with some kind of authority on the sole basis that they have some kind of authority, however, circular reasoning like this is often the direct result of simple marketing techniques, not evidence.
The problem is 2 fold,
1 People are so convinced of the efficacy of Vaccines that they will never listen to contrary evidence,
2 People are so convinced Vaccines work that they label anyone who says otherwise as a conspiracy theorist and therefore justify a blanketed disregard of any evidence presented.
This is called “Brainwashing”,
implying that the general public are neither stupid nor dishonest,
but have merely been taught through repetition, fear, social pressures and education to believe something that isn’t true.
This broadcast will shatter the Vaccine myth and the tactics and phenomena of those who continue to believe the lies and the ones who deliberately distort the scientific findings to gain more profits at the cost of countless human lives that have been destroyed.