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Illegal Alien Caravan Is Funded By The UN To Smash US Sovereignty

Alex Jones breaks down how and why a group of Central Americans have organized themselves into a pack of ‘migrants’ to march through Mexico to the U.S. border as a political stunt.


It’s on; ANTIFA planning to start a civil war in USA

After watching three of Alex Jones video. That start to get crazy and dangerous as ANTIFA planning to start civil war in United State of America. I also call ANTIFA the Neo Bolsheviks because they will do similar things what the Bolsheviks did in Russia in 1917 to overthrow the Tsar in the Russian Empire and soon become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) or CCCP in Russian Cyrillic.

As we enter in October we have a feeling that civil war could breakout on either on 4 November or anytime this could shock the world. people have got help each other so we can ready when it come.