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How to 3D Print with Recycled Trash! | Maddie Moate

On a “Trash Walk” in Bali, Greg and I learnt that plastic trash has a value and can be sold up the chain to be recycled into new plastics… BUT we also tried something a little different! Using the Precious Plastic open source machinery we attempt to turn trash into a trash-can, using bottle caps to make 100% recycled 3D printer filament?!

Disruptive Tech: “3D Printing Could Undermine Sanctions,” Change Warfare and Upend Supply Chains

Activist Post
January 7, 2015
Mac Slavo

Reducing barriers to arms manufacturing” is just one of the consequences playing out from the adoption of revolutionary 3D printers. The price of printers has come down from half a million dollars to less than $10k, and the expiration of several key patents is making much more possible.

It has the power to decentralize production and, powered by robotic factory work, forever alter the economics of manufacturing.

3D printing may even have the power to undermine the reach of defense contractors, who build weapons, tanks, planes and more that reach American troops, and through foreign aid and weapons transfers, foreign military forces – friend and foe alike – around the world as well. Continue reading Disruptive Tech: “3D Printing Could Undermine Sanctions,” Change Warfare and Upend Supply Chains

This giant 3D printer can build houses from mud in the poorest regions

Science Alert
15 October 2014

A six-metre-tall 3D printer has been developed that can build cheap, sustainable houses using a clay-like paste.

Created by Italian 3D printer company WASP, the giant, three-armed printer was demonstrated at Maker Faire Rome last week.

While there are already 3D printers out there that can rapidly build houses, this model is unique as it can be assembled on site within two hours, and then filled with mud and fibre to construct extremely cheap dwellings in some of the most remote places on Earth. Continue reading This giant 3D printer can build houses from mud in the poorest regions

Inventor Makes a $100 3D Printer From E-Waste

Natural Cures not Medicine

His name is Kodjo Afate Gnikou, and he’s a genius inventor from Togo, West Africa! He made a $100 3D printer from parts he scrounged from broken scanners, computers, printers and other electronic waste. And yes, it’s fully functional! This DIY printer cost a fraction of those currently for sale on the market and saves waste from reaching landfill sites. If this type of information was more openly available, more of us would be able to build such creations out of our e-waste. This is why it’s important to support open source technology and information efforts.

Gnikou is part of what’s called “WoeLab” and it’s a hackerspace in the city of Lomé. His crowd funding page is looking for support in hope of him working with FacLab-France in the WAFATE to Mars project, which aims to fabricate machines from recycled e-waste to prepare for missions on Mars. Systems like 3D printers are a crucial part of missions to mars if and when they go forward. NASA already has plans of sending robots and 3d printers ahead of real people to build and base for us humans before we get there.

At his fundraising page, Gnikou states that with his project, he will “put technology into needy hands and give Africa the opportunity to not only be a spectator but to play the first role in a more virtuous industrial revolution.”
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My Opinion:
It amazing to you can use what can find and turn from junk into riches. Rather than having more e-waste being dumped into the smelly landfill they can be turned into great masterpiece.