THIS Is Why The $15 Minimum Wage Is A SCAM – Who Benefits & Who Loses?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the inherent flaws in a $15 and hour minimum wage hike. Not only are there flaws but in general, it’s a scam! In this video we explain why.
The Canadian province of Ontario plans to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr by 2019 following Alberta’s decision to raise it by 2018.

When you raise the minimum wage to $15/hr you cause the price of living to go up making 15 the new equivalent in value to 10. So value doesn’t change. In fact inflation is the biggest problem those in poverty face thanks to out of control central planning and manipulation of both the monetary system and the markets.

But this isn’t the only inherent problem. So many calling for a wage hike are using McDonalds as an example. They say “McDonalds can afford to pay $15/hr!”.
Well of course they can! That’s the issue though. Raising the wage will cause smaller businesses and competitors to either lay off employees or close their doors. This causes competition to go under, further monopolizing businesses like McDonalds! And as for McDonalds, they can also afford technocracy as they can just put machines in charge of orders leading to vast unemployment!

The more regulations, the more taxation, the more monetary manipulation, the more poverty! This isn’t rocket science! Everything the government does, the free market can do better!

There’s a reason why all of these MASSIVE corporations are lobbying for the minimum wage hike! This benefits them while drastically hurting those forced into the bread lines.

The most basic economic and market principles debunk the notion of this further monopolization and inflation. You take money away from the employer and you’re taking money away from the employee. This is extortion and this is part of a massive debt servitude agenda which is playing out in both the markets and monetary system. It’s time people finally understand this obvious fact.

Matthew Conclusion Supporting minimum wage is the dumbest thing you can for yourself reason why.

  • It will cause low skill workers to be lay off. For me I have been a victim of minimum; while I still working in the supermarket and when I turn 18 years of age I been lay off because they would have pay me more.
  • Makes it harder to for people to get a job. Low skill workers have been lay off or fired from their job because it cost more for the company to paid the employees more money so they layoff the low skill workers to save money just to pay the one with highers skills. No wonder why employees who want to hire people will only hire who have experience within similar workplaces.
  • Push prices up. For the company to be able to afford to pay the employers a more money they have put prices up just to be able pay their employers otherwise the company would have to layoff more workers. Minimum wage decreases people’s standard of living.

Video from PraguerU show you why minimum is a bad idea

So who the most selfish? the company or the employer; the answer is the employer because who beg for the minimum wage to be raisin will cause the low skilled employee to be layoff and that employee a might family to take care; people that person be lay off in a sake for your wage increase is just plain selfishness.

Government-run schools turn humans into “flesh robots”

Elite-run schools designed not to train to children think creatively but to train children to be conformists. Also I have link to You Tube about  Sir Ken Robinson: Do School Kill Creativity? This video down below about The Health Ranger Mike Adams why school is nothing but obedience training center to turn children into conformist robots

I will say that “If you’re parent and you knew there something rotten in the education system and it undermining your child’s ability to think creativity maybe it’s time to get child out of the public school and either start homeschooling or spend them a private school that still allow your child to think critically.
Children freedom to think is very important them and allowing them to have the freedom to think will guarantee a future for them

Autistic boy able to speak just after 2 days of cannabis oil treatment

From At 10 months of age, Kalel Santiago of Puerto Rico was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. He endured chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and surgery for two years—and survived. Then he was diagnosed with something permanent: severe autism that disabled him from speaking. “While he was in the hospital, we noticed he […]

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Bill Gates never allowed his children to own a cell phone until they turned 14

Source:Mirror UK
Date: 21 April 2017

Billionaire tech mogul Bill Gates reveals he banned his children from mobile phones until they turned 14

Wearing an £8 Casio watch during an interview with The Mirror, the Microsoft founder also says he limits his youngest’s screen time before she goes to bed

As you wrestle the tablets from your square-eyed kids for the 10th time today, it might be reassuring to hear the king of Silicon Valley shares your worries.

Bill Gates is the legendary founder of the world’s largest software firm, Microsoft – a company that made him the richest man in the world.

But even one of humanity’s greatest technological innovators still banned his kids from having mobiles until they were 14, forbids them at the dinner table and limits his youngest’s screen time before she goes to bed. Continue reading Bill Gates never allowed his children to own a cell phone until they turned 14

How Feminism had degraded France

Feminism is designed to degraded and destroy not to empower. Feminism is Poison as well as Virus; they poison what they touch.

“The Feminist hate me don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate Feminism. It is poison”

Margaret Thatcher

For me I like to keep Feminism out of country because it will degrading and destroy the country; what Feminism and Marxism is design to do.

5 Ways that Social Media could be screwing you over

  1. It’s designed to be Addictive
  2. It give you a false sense of Accomplishment
  3. Lowers your Self-esteem
  4. Hurts your Social skills
  5. The Worst Type of investment

I’m not saying that social media is bad; it can be good in a way if you use it responsibly and being selective of what friends request you choose to accept or add; what page you choose to like; what group you choose to join; what event you choose to go. And it you’re that serious; feel free to give up media for good if you wish. For Me I don’t use it too often. Please don’t let kid join social media otherwise they don’t learn social and communication skills; not allow your kids to own a mobile or smart phone until they reach their age of consent and been taught to use it responsibly.  Another video I recommend you to watch 7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook | Negative Effects Of Social Media

Mandary Vaccine Push By Pharma tied to Australian Prime minister wife

Australia, they’re at the forefront with microchipping also. Good friends of the US & Big Pharma. A previous PM Tony Abbott insisted all Aussie children should be vaccinated EXCEPT his own daughters! Now doesn’t that tell you something? … not that clever of the PM really. EnvirowatchRangitikei From Vaccines are a touchy subject in […]

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