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By Matthew Miller
7 February 2014


Call to make P residue test part of house WoF

NZ Herald
By Simon Collins
5:30 AM Friday Feb 7, 2014

A leading group in the campaign against methamphetamine use says a planned rental housing warrant of fitness should test whether a house has been used as a P-lab.

The Auckland Regional Methamphetamine Working Group, which includes official agencies, drug experts and social services, says all homes should be tested for P residues when they are put up for rent or sale.

A member of the group, Meth Solutions director Miles Stratford, estimates that about 8000 homes are being used to manufacture methamphetamine at any time, and that thousands more properties have been used to make the drug in the past as drug users move from house to house.

Remember This
People you got know this that how Laws are passed that people have given their freedom for sake of safety and when you lose your freedom you lose safety as well. Yes; Problem, Reaction and Solution. Warrant of Fitness doesn’t the guarantee you safety and security off the house.

Fracking is depleting water supplies in America’s driest areas, report shows

Suzanne Goldenberg,
US environment correspondent
Wednesday 5 February 2014 16.01 GM

America’s oil and gas rush is depleting water supplies in the driest and most drought-prone areas of the country, from Texas to California, new research has found.

Of the nearly 40,000 oil and gas wells drilled since 2011, three-quarters were located in areas where water is scarce, and 55% were in areas experiencing drought, the report by the Ceres investor network found.

Fracking those wells used 97bn gallons of water, raising new concerns about unforeseen costs of America’s energy rush.

“Hydraulic fracturing is increasing competitive pressures for water in some of the country’s most water-stressed and drought-ridden regions,” said Mindy Lubber, president of the Ceres green investors’ network.

Without new tougher regulations on water use, she warned industry could be on a “collision course” with other water users.

Dry pastures push farms towards another drought

Stuff NZ
Last updated 08:58 04/02/2014

Low soil moisture levels in parts of the North Island have farmers worried that another drought could be on the way.

Areas in North to Central Waikato, Morrinsville through to Tahuna and south to Te Awamutu had soil moisture levels that were similar to 12 months ago when the region was on the brink of the drought.

The dry conditions were deja vu for Huntly dairy farmer Glen Ashford, who said the weather no longer surprised him.

“We’re getting used to seeing this now. Up until Christmas we were sailing fine, it was looking good, but in the last 10 days it’s really browned off.

“But that’s North Waikato. It’s renowned for it.”

Ashford was well prepared for the dry weather. He is currently feeding out 10kg per cow a day of supplementary feed to his 290 cows, had pushed out his round length to 30 days and was milking his younger cows only once a day.
Stuff NZ

Northland getting dry, other parts ok

Wednesday, 05 February 2014 15:02

PASTURE COVERS are falling in Northland and the message for farmers is simple: avoid over-grazing and maintain cow body condition.

DairyNZ regional leader for Northland Tafi Manjala says Northland has had little rain this year and soil moisture levels are lower than this time last season in all areas.

“We will need at least 50mm of rainfall plus follow-up rain to allow for good pasture growth,” says Manjala.

According to NZ Met Service, Whangarei had 17mm of rain last month; the heaviest fall of 10mm was recorded on January 20.

Manjala is urging farmers to have a summer dry management plan and review it weekly. Early decisions can reduce the need for drastic measures later.

Corby parole decision imminent

06:30 Fri Feb 7 2014

In a matter of hours, Schapelle Corby will learn whether she will be released on parole from a Bali jail, after more than nine years locked up for a crime she insists she didn’t do.

Indonesian Justice Minister Amir Syamsuddin is expected to give a media conference in Jakarta at 1.30pm (7.30pm NZ time).

The minister was on Thursday petitioned by Indonesian MPs not to be lenient in the case of Corby, who was convicted with smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis into Bali.

But he insists the Australian will be treated in the same way as the other 1700 applicants for parole whose cases he is considering.

What is the TPPA?

Its Our Future
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)
Huge Impact on Kiwis

Our government is negotiating an international agreement that could have a huge effect on the lives of ordinary kiwis. It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), and it involves eleven Asian and Pacific-rim countries, including the United States. If it goes ahead, we risk damage to our innovative economy, our pristine environment, our health, and the ability to shape our own future.

It is now time
For all civilians those in TPP country to said “NO!” to the Tran Pacific Partnership Agreement.

How To Build A Simple Solar Food Dehydrator

Off The Grid News
Written by: Rich M How-To
February 3, 2014

It’s hard to say when and where dehydrating food started, but it has a long history. The production of salt cod (fish) goes back at least 500 years. Indians in the “New World” were known to make jerky from venison and other meats as early as 1550. Drying grains for preservation goes back at least as far as ancient Egypt. So, while it’s hard to say when it actually started, it is clear that dehydration, as a form of preservation, is the oldest form of food preservation known to man.

To my announcement for my Website.
I announce to my self that create a project and challenge page so people can choose the build something to they need. The page will contain a list of project challenge and the date for people availability is to be announced. Project like Solar Food Dehydrator will be add the list but the date is still to be announce for people availability here in New Zealand in other nation across the glob.

9 Essential Tips For Finding The Very Best Vegetable Seeds

Off The Grid News
Written by: Lindsey Cox Survival Gardening
February 5, 2014

Spring is almost here. In fact, it’s in the mail! Seed catalogs begin to arrive during the winter in hopes of enticing faithful gardeners to get a jump on planning their spring gardens. And with good reason – ordering your seed from seed catalogs is one of the best ways to get more bang for your buck out in the garden. Seeds cost significantly less than transplants at your local store, and this can save you a nice chunk of change, especially if you grow more than a few plants each year.

Dane Wigington On Engineered Snow Storms, Properties of the Chemically Nucleated Snow & The Media Cover Up


In this report, dated February the 2nd, 2014 from, Dane Wigington covers the issue of the engineered snow storms in the US and the snow having properties uncharacteristic of normal snow. For example, he said the snow in his region of California stayed on the ground in December for over 10 days, when nighttime temperatures were in the 40s and daytime temperatures were in the 60s and lab tests have shown snow has had very high levels of barium, aluminium and even lead in it. 

By Dane Wigington

Finally the public at large is beginning to realize there is something very wrong with the snow. Chemically nucleated artificial snow storms have been the norm for a very long time.

Of course now that the public has began to wake up, the power structure controlled media and weather “forecast” agencies have been called out in full force to do…

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