My New Pad

Source: Eco liberty
Date: 2 September 2015
Author: Matthew Miller

Around Mid December 2014 I move into my brother’s place to wait the new house to be built and that is really taking a long time be finished. Because for the engineering report and Counsel’s approval; they took a long time and the construction didn’t final get started until Mid-May. Sometime the waiting get me because as the founder and blogger on Eco Liberty I don’t have a private room to do some blogging and cover news and ideas and sometime I find it hard to get things done. Finally in Late-August result on the house starting to be more encouraging because the builder were finally getting things done and not wasting as much time as they use to.

my bathroom my bedroom My main room
The room on the left is my bathroom and the room on the right my wardrobe and my little storage room That my bedroom  Where I’m standing; that my where desk and my office area will be in the main room in the fiat of the house and also will contain a kitchen

Here was the three photo will be showing to my viewers on my blog to let them know that the Founder and blogger of Eco Liberty will be living in once the house is complete. And I’m definitely looking fore of moving in and fact is; I can’t wait to be in this new house. And there are many reasons why?

  • Don’t have to keep moving my laptop back and fore to hock on the internet.
  • I’m able work in a private room with minimal distractions
  • Able watch a movie or a documentary video at a loud enough volume for me to hear and not keep another person in the other bedrooms up all night long.
  • I can start work on Eco Liberty as early or late as I pleased. Truthfully I do enjoy waking around 7 or 8 in the morning and I do feel bad when I sleep in after 9 or so, in the morning.
  • I should have faster and more reliable internet. Fast and Reliable internet is essential for all bloggers and those who run their own webpage.
  • The house will have sold insulation and window with double gazing which that more the house more energy efficient and easy to heat up.
  • I will be having a workshop in my shed.
  • Able invite people over and have a chat, share news and ideas.

Also I set new goals and ideas to achieve.

I will be planning redesign and reorganise Eco Liberty and add new features.

  • Set a twister, pin interest, and skype account. With Skype so can do video chat. When the twister, so can connect other people on twister.
  • Get Eco Liberty Broadcast up and running again
  • Change the theme from “twenty ten to “twenty fourteen”
  • Continue on the DIY projects that I have started
  • Have time when I people across the world can video chat with me on every Friday from either 7 to 9 in the morning or 7 to 9 in the evening in New Zealand time zone.
  • Continue my self-sustaining ambition.
  • Set up donation bottom so people who choose give freely to help to me to support myself. And one day get off the government dole after I start making money off blogging by starting at just $10 US a month than increase my goal to $20 US, than $50 US, $100, $200, $500, after getting $1000 US I can get off the government dole, than $2000 (if you have a jobs 8 hours a day, 40 a week you can quit your job or can wait until you get to $3000 a month) to create myself a passive income; and I can use it to taking Eco Liberty to the next level, promote stuffs, continue on my DIY projects and have some success and failures, hire another people to take part once I start getting from $5,000 to $10,000 a month.

Within 5 years I hopefully achieve or have come close of achieving

  • Succeed with at least one of my DIY projects
  • More people in New Zealand and across world got more information and chose nature, reason and able to take care of themselves without the dependence of the government or other outside help.
  • Got myself a partner or girlfriend or wife but even if I don’t even get one and I choose to move out of the area and live on my own. Truthfully living on your own is a lot more expensive than living with somebody. Within 5 years times while been taking Eco Liberty to next level few or several times.

My Conclusion

I after moving into my brother’s place after 8 months living there I was beginning to lose patience. On Eco Liberty website, on August number of victors hit the lowest in 2015. And I don’t have a private room except my bedroom and my bedroom is so small and it I want to connect to the internet I will using Wi-Fi which I don’t to use for health reasons, so that I why I had to keep moving my Laptop back and forth just to use the internet after connecting though hardwire.

I hopefully to in my new pad by Mid October. Planning to start sowing my seed in pot just days before the full moon in September and it should be ready to be planted out into the bigger pot for my Rain Gutter Grow System; which I started back in summer 2013 after I watch Larry Hall’s you tube video when he made his own Rain Gutter Grow system. So I have a go of making my own and had a minor success with my own Rain Gutter Grow System the one I built myself.

my first rain gutter grow system
My first rain gutter grow system

The photo on the left is my very first Rain Gutter Grow System and on it is the long pot with beetroots growing in it and out the eleven I manage 1 pound (450 grams) of beetroots harvest one way first one. Once I so successful what my Rain Gutter Grow System I was willing to my more. Once day will promote it on Eco Liberty once I got it going and be in my new home and have some real success with Rain Gutter Grow System and Hydroponics. Also I was will to give preserving or fermenting go. As far I’m concern about oncoming global economic collapse and when that does occur; from day one people living in cities or large town will be rushing to the supermarket for food and water and few days later neighbour began knocking on your door within two week cannibalism begins to become widespread. When that time comes the government and emergency service will not able to help us. People who don’t think the economic collapse is ever going to occur and there no need to prepare, they’re making the biggest mistake in their life. Even if you don’t think the Economic Collapse or any events going to ever occur still pay to be prepare anyway. I hate to scare my Eco Liberty viewers. Thing is what can we? All we can do is to inform other people, start a garden to grow your own food and medicine, raise livestock like goats, chickens, pigs, cattle, etc. Even during economic hardship people can still manage to thrive. That one of the reason I like to give preserving and fermenting a go and I recommended myself to find myself an expert in preserving and fermenting because to be able to eat the food that been store away up to a year I’m have to be sure to get it right.

Over 5 years ago I had no idea about the New World Order, Agenda 21, Big Pharma, Big Brother and more but even I manage to know little about Genetic Modified Organism after I the Greenpeace Shopping Guide how to avoid Genetic Engineered Food, vaccines but I didn’t any further research until I start watching the Documentary about the 911 event being an inside job and the one world government. And I was starting to freak out about the one world government. When the New Zealand Government back in 2011 trying to get the Food Bill 160-2 passed into law which remove the people rights to grow and produce their own food; and I freak out about it for 6 months.

After being awake and aware about the One World Government for 5 years. Every year I become more awake and aware also smarter and learning to be peace even in time of chaos. Although my family is not aware of what’s really happening around us but they starting to realise slowly as I sometime talk about the agenda of one world government.

Immunise on thime pamphlet
Immune on time for Best Protection

In early August 2015 my nephew was born and 2 weeks later my sister-in-law receive one of the “Immunise on time for best protection” pamphlet (photo on the right) from her midwife. After I found the baby would taking that many vaccines within 4 years this was very worry because if my sister-in-law and brother choose to go with the routine there would be harm than good done to the child. I have done my research about vaccine and find that parent who went through similar vaccination routine some of the baby had die, some end up with paralysis, some end up with autism and some with autism would never be able to speak. Truthfully I’m wish I’m wrong about the vaccines unfortunately I might be proven right and those who been putting out the information might be proven right.

If I wasn’t wake and aware for what’s going on around us, I wouldn’t have create the Eco Liberty website. I create Eco Liberty because I want to give the information that I believe it should be put out in the open and I sometime do read it before post it on Eco Liberty.

Me hold Conner
Me Holding my nephew in my arms while setting in the chair

Photo on the life is me setting in chair with nephew in my arm. This let me know that I got to get more active so I, my family and people can have a future. And the people might be prepare for the oncoming economic collapse which some been saying that somethings going to happen on September 23, 2015; only we can do is wait and see. When the economic collapse about to occur; it’s pay to have your all money out of bank account; Here in New Zealand in people’s Kiwi Saver account they starting to lose money. This could the sign that the New Zealand is about go into recession this time this might be worse than the 2008 recession; question is when?

Don’t lose hope because we can though this. We can defeat the One World Government because humanity will raise up because nature is on our side because we are who is willing to protect nature; while the New World Order Elites want to destroy nature. We will able to defeat Big Pharma, Big Agribusiness, Big Food, Big Brother and other big corporation who all they want is money and power. Humanity will win at the end and see the human race taking on the next level; one human will be able to go up in space and explore the stars. Human will have ability to create something going to bring process either though art, music, inventions and ideas; they will ditch the ideologies and religions that hinder human progress.

I’m Matthew Miller who have survive to three form of indoctrination (the establishment, the Climate Change ideology and thirdly the Christian ideology) On September 2013 I decided to leave Christianity because I just knew the bible contains lots of contradiction, bloody and brutal stories, tell us that humans are inherently evil and the only time that we can become good is to join in the religion by repenting to God. I found that Christianity doesn’t help me in my everyday life and it only rob my spirit and affects me as who I am. My backsliding from Christianity began in 2011 as I began to discover contradiction in the bible my doubt and disbelief in a god began to grow and as found more contradiction in the bible. One year after leaving Christianity I become this new born atheist and after leaving Christianity God wasn’t punishing me or anymore, I still the same the person and I feel freer because I free to choose to be myself without a God telling me otherwise. And I still got my spirit and I define spirit as my human nature and it make who I choose to be. As I choose be a free thinker and that what help to free myself from indoctrination of any from and not to be sucker into the political or corporate propaganda. I will keep on living on, no matter what come my way and I should in my pad by mid-October.

A freedom to exist both ecological and economical

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