As I have created a demo site on wordpress on 10 September 2014 so I learn to use the tool that is available on wordpress. As I updated the Multimedia page this will show a little information before clicking on the link.

Geo Engineering

Geo Engineering Page will contain two pages; One for “Geo Engineering siting, One for Geo Engineering Protest, every year there a new page each year.
Geo Engineering Siting
This show the Geo Engineering site such as Chemtrails, HARRP Clouds, Strange Clouds, Aerosol Spraying, Solar management and more. In my area or where I travel and take I photos of the Geo Engineering activity that had occurred.
Geo Engineering Protest
This shows the photos and videos of the Geo Engineering Protect where I was at. The Geo Engineering Protest is about raising awareness in the public that our climate is being engineered in the area we’re living.

March Against Monsanto

This show the photos or videos where I was in the March against Monsanto and this was about raising awareness and letting Monsanto know that they’re causing harm through Genetically Modified Organism and Herbicide or Pesticide and they have no plan of stopping.


This page show all the link the Documentary videos on You Tube and the links are listed into categories so it will make easier for the Eco Liberty Viewers and Followers to look through the link on the pages.


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