Eco Liberty is in Crisis

Matthew Miller EL founder and blogger Author: Matthew Miller
Blogging and founder of Eco Liberty
Date: 29 October 2015


Matthew Miller said “Eco Liberty is in Crisis because the unreliability of the internet server has let me down so bad that I pretty much have no internet where I’m living now. The house is not finish yet and there still about 5 weeks or more until I move in my new house in Waipu. People in Whangarei or near the city in New Zealand I need your support; to provide me a good and reliable internet so I keep on providing the news and ideas to those who visit the Eco Liberty to seek information and ideas. If you can provide me a good and reliable internet, you have played your role in Eco Liberty and I have owned you my gratitude.
Thank you for keeping Eco Liberty going, to provide the truth and ideas those in New Zealand and the world; so human kind can process and evolve to the next level. ”

I will not give you my the exact location for security and privacy reason.

This will remain on the home page until this issue is resolved


A freedom to exist both ecological and economical

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