Eco Liberty Broadcast February 2015

Here you have it. The first Eco Liberty Broadcast was Broadcasted by Matthew Miller from New Zealand and He cover the news on Eco Liberty Blog by using the copy and paste method to cover the news. I doing this to take Eco Liberty to the next Level and it’s starting to becoming a full-time job; even just for once a week broadcast and on the day I have to get the news ready for the show and plan the show. After the Eco Liberty Broadcast I have to edit video and get it uploaded to you tube.
As I did the first episode on ELBC show on the second segment I had some problem on the segment as I trying to cover the new while my show was being recorded on to my computer from my web camera; was open the internet to cover the news, the sound was cut off and I have to do the second segment three times to be sure the sound is also recorded as well. But now it’s good it’s uploaded to you tube and it’s on this page.

ELBC 2015 E3 War is coming onto farmer and growers

ELBC 2015 E2 Poisons in our food, water and air

ELBC 2015 E1 Kiwi’s household management


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