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This a page I created on Eco Liberty to what I up to and the reason why create this page.

What got me into Bee Keeping? A friend of mine who is Chem-trial activist as well as anti 1080 activist he also a bee keeping but he wasn’t giving me much help so I start going to Bee club in my local town and they were not giving much help either and unwilling to give up a small peace of land just for a few hives no matter want I’m offering them in a return. I was angry and frustrated because I’m just taking to make a living. I’m just asking for their help I so can started, learn from trial and error, learn from my mistake, once I adapt to my job in Bee Keeping I can more hive so get more honey and make more money so one day can buy my own land be more self reliance, not be as depended on other people as much. One day could help other people get started in bee keeping and teach them tip and tricks, give them advice.

One the most important reason that who I decide to take up Bee Keeping because the Bee population is declining but back my country in New Zealand the Bee population is on the rise according the New Zealand Herald also in News Week around 2.89 million hive exist in the USA in April 2018 3% more than in was in April 2016. Even that we should still look after our Bees, but we should not take news articles about Bee population on the rise as a good news gospel. Bees are very important for any ecosystem on earth but you would not see any bee in the polar climate on either the north and south pole because the climate will be too cold for Bees to survive. According to Wikipedia Honey will stop flying when temperatures are at least 10°C (50°F) or below; crowd into the central area of the hive to form a “winter cluster”. If Bee were go extincted human race would only survive have up to 4 years what Albert Einstein have predicted. That why it’s up to us look after our Bee population it we want human kind to survive.

Good news is that we start bee keeping anytime you wish if you have land available where you live or if people who willing lease land to you to place your hive there and you can give some of your harvested honey to land owner as a payment. Once you have land available you either build your hive boxes or buy them already made. Once you got your hive fully assembled them you either buy a swarm or catch your own; but for beginners it’s best to buy your own swarm for each hive. When you’re starting bee keeping it’s best to start small like starting with one or two hives them you can build your way up from there.

Before you start Bee Keeping it always best to do your research or join a club or take up a course in Bee Keeping (Apiculture)which I had took up. Watching some videos on You Tube will give some ideas. There are video From Crazy Russian Hacker that I recommend you watching; also he have video about Bee keeping gadgets which can come in handy just depends if it is useful for you or if you need them to make you bee keeping job more efficient. There will more Bee Keeping on other You Tube channel that show you Tip and Advice about Bee Keeping; why check them out.

I will be making videos and taking photos as I progress in Bee Keeping and post it on Eco Liberty on wordpress. If you want get any tips, tricks or advice please let me know in the comments below.

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