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Hello there name Matthew Miller I’m 31 years of age, I live in New Zealand. Question is why travel to Europe? Firstly I been given advice from my father to travel the world because I would have better chance to find a good woman but I didn’t believe until I found a website call Happier Abroad. which the website is created by an Asian American male Winston Wu who had a very hard time to get dates and he came to a point that he had enough and just travel another country and see if he could get a date easier and it was. That what lead him to create a website after his unbelievable experience in Eastern Europe and how easier it was to get dates in Europe.
I’m not trying to advocate people to go oversea. For me I’m just sharing my experiences because I suffering the problem of getting dates similar to the problem that Winston Wu was suffering back in the USA. I found out that the dating sense issue is not just a American problem is also happen in some other first world nations. Why I’m have trouble getting dates? my answer when I trying to ask a woman out and they say that “I got a boyfriend” even if that not true they would still say it. And here a article about Christchurch single life a tough job for the blokes when two single men was interviewed and they said it was difficult to get a woman in Christchurch.
I’m not saying that New Zealand a bad to country to travel; in fact New Zealand is a beautiful country to visit and I enjoy the beauty New Zealand offers me. Things I don’t enjoy is lacking social connection and datelessness because as human being we are social creatures it’s hardwired in our DNA.
Another problem I been facing for a decade is not being able to get a job because each individual have go to university and have huge debt burden on your shoulder and even that doesn’t promise your a job. New Zealand have become a country that person have to be good enough to able to success; it’s all being good enough. When I try to give a job I’m also competing with other people and the only best is selected and if you not the best you out of luck. That why I don’t bother trying to get job and I said to myself “there got to be another way that I can still make enough money to survive and thrive without putting in so much effort wore myself out.” Thing is being workaholic will suffer sleep deprivation, which results in impaired brain and cognitive function; no wonder workaholism makes the person less productive because the person only think about work. In New Zealand when I try ask someone to go out and have a good time with me but they would said “I’m too busy” and don’t ever bother finding the time to send time with me. It’s like they where conditioned to “live to work” But unless you have a job that you love and are proud of, having to go to a job everyday can feel like a prison. It becomes a mind numbing routine where your life is controlled and in submission, while your mind is indoctrinated to “live for the company” you work for rather than for your heart.It’s like that we where taught to be robots; do know that the word “robot” comes the Czech language “robota” which means “compulsory labor”. So you maybe well do a job your love and be your own boss and make money by doing something that you’re passion of.
Back to my datelessness;for me I try many dating sites and have very little success and try methods after watch pick up artists videos and I got nowhere. I wasted at least 500 New Zealand Dollar on dating website just to try to get a date. And compare with most men; NZ$500 is small. The image below show why online dating sites is not men friendly and so competitive for men.

Source:A famous experiment conducted on OkCupid

You can see why that men have a hard time to get dates through online dating. For more information visit the source Why men lose the dating game From anti feminism Australia website. I wonder why I choose to go oversea rather than try to fight a losing battle because it’s just going to be the same result again and again. The dating sense in New Zealand is starting to be just as bad as the dating sense in the USA (I never ever been the USA before) and I heard Australia is just as bad which the anti feminism Australia website explains about.When a country have a cliquish, unnatural, closed society that will create push factors because social connection is very important for every human begin. You can google “social connection” and you find that how important social connection really is for each human being; if a human lack social connection would be suffer major health problem which is a higher risk than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure; and will lead to shorter lives. For me I’m enduring been that pain of loneliness and low self-esteem for over decade and many people would be not able not endure so pain; just happen when Elliot Rodger went on shooting rampage just because he could not get dates and he was only 22 years of age; If Elliot knew was there another option to travel oversea to have better chance of finding a date, then he would not goes on a shooting rampage. At least I continue to hang to on hope and never give up. From April next year once I got my stuff all set I will be traveling to Europe to see what opportunities offer me.

If you’re suffer loneliness and date and you either live in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or in any other countries; go can check Winston Wu website call Happier Abroad who knows going overseas might be the solution. It worked for him, it worked for us.

Now it’s time to talk about the countries and place that I have in mind.

  • London, England (START)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Amsterdam and Almere, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Ukraine
  • Moscow, Russia

I will be putting information and updates once I got more information. Got any advice and tips send me a message or comment below because I will need all the help that I can get.


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