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NZ PM Jacinda Ardern rush a Bill in to allow Police to enter building without a warrant

I spend time recording and editing the video. By the video is uploaded either on Youtube and Bitchute the Prime Minister may have already got the Bill Passed. I may not stop Jacinda Andren from getting the bill passed but can still get the massage across the globe to inform people what is happen in New Zealand. The Bill here to read:

Petition NO to the proposed COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill:

Your Social Media Is Your Credit Score?

G**gle’s CEO Sundar Pichai testified before a committee this week and he didn’t want to tell the whole truth. Why? Because hid company’s partnership with Chin@ is DANGEROUS. I explain why in this video.

Exposing China’s Digital Dystopian Dictatorship | Foreign Correspondent

Another video taking about the China Social Credit System. This one is from ABC Australia.

My Conclusion:
I thank the brave Chinese People who speak out against the Social Credit System that going create a nightmare society because the world need to know. I hope one day the many Chinese people will wake up and revolt against the tyrannical system and bring freedom to their nation.

Eco Liberty Broadcast 2015 Episode 7 Debunking the Global warming and Climate Scare

As Earth hour was on the 28 March 2015 Matthew decide to debunk the Global Warming and Climate Change Scare and why it’s a scientific fraud. It have nothing to do with saving the planet but to create a totalitarian world government (One World Government) and was part Agenda 21 plan for a one world government.

Lord Christopher Monckton-Climate Change is Really a Basis for Elite Control

Lord Christopher Monckton believes there is climate change, but he does not believe man has anything to do with it. Lord Monckton says science will ultimately back up that claim. Why the recent push to do something about climate change that is also called global warming? Lord Monckton says, “I think they are panicking because they know that this process . . . cannot be kept going for very much longer because . . . it’s been 25 years since the UN produces a report saying we were all doomed, and since then, the rate of warming has been half of what they predicted and well below their entire range of estimates.” Also, former Vice President Al Gore predicted the polar ice caps would be melted by now. Just the opposite has happened, as Lord Monckton points out, “If you took the Artic and the Antarctic together, global sea ice was the greatest it’s been throughout the 35 years of the satellite era. It is greater than it has ever been before.”

Lord Monckton, former award winning journalist and Margaret Thatcher advisor, also says, “Let’s not forget, it was Hitler who first founded the green movement and first used the environmental movement, not for the basis for genuine concern about the environment, but as a basis for getting control over every detail over people lives so they couldn’t argue back. That’s what this is really all about. . . . I get criticized all the time as to why I don’t just stick to the science. I say somebody has to tell the truth, not only about the science, but also about the politics.”

Join Greg Hunter for an in-depth interview with Lord Christopher Monckton, who calls himself a “seeker after truth” on climate change.…

Link to Lord Monckton’s Scientific paper…

The Secret Covenant: The Elite’s Manual For Global Enslavement

Did the global elite leak secret document?

The origins and implications of the mysterious document known as “The Secret Covenant.”

The document was anonymously sent to the email of in June of 2002.

Whether or not it was truly gifted to the masses from an Illuminati insider remains to be seen.

However, it is difficult for the average human to not find some portion of it that rings true in our exponentially growing enslavement and mass culling by a group of social elite that are dominating the collective population of Planet Earth.