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8 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

Source: Creative Useful Ideas
Date: 19 February 2017

If you are a coffee lover, and a gardener, you have probably looked at those coffee grounds as you throw them out, and think that there must be a way that these grounds can be of use. Here is some good news. Those coffee grounds are excellent for your garden in several ways. They not only aid in growth, but they can add an element of protection as well. If this information has you ready to drink in some more, then keep reading. Continue reading 8 Ways To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

Recycling in America VS Recycling in Germany two videos

ATTN: created this video featuring one of our how to videos we filmed while overseas in Germany. Thank you ATTN for using our footage and creating the video.

Also another video about Germany vs United States on Recycling

ON the second video German shares their example about recycling and how it is done.

Saving Seeds at Home with Vandana Shiva

My Conclusion: Seed saving is extremity important. Since man discover how to harvest seed from plant and put the ground to grow another plant to produce more. When the idea of farming was invented it reduce the need to forage or hunt to for food and it another step that humans took in history. Growing food was root of civilization and it provided food security. The globalist want to stop us from being able to grow and produce our own food. Here in New Zealand where I live the government try to pass a law to make it illegal to grow and produce your own food. And when I first found about the Food Bill 160-2, I was hyperventilating back in 2011 because knew where Food Bill 160-2 leads and it was part the New World Order agenda. So people we need to learn how harvest seed and store them for the next season to fight the New World Order.

Coconut Oil Uses

Source: Coconut Mama
Date: Unknown
Author: Tiffany Aka Coconut Mama

100+ Coconut Oil Uses – There are many benefits of using coconut oil. It’s known to help boost the immune system, nourish the skin and increase energy. Here are over 100 everyday coconut oil uses.

100+ Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut oil is known for its many uses in the kitchen but did you know you can use it on your skin, around the home, and in the bathroom? There are hundreds of coconut oil uses! I use coconut oil from head to toe in my homemade beauty products and cook with it daily for it’s health benefits. We use coconut oil so much we purchase it by the gallon! Here is a list of over 100 everyday coconut oil uses! Continue reading Coconut Oil Uses

How to Build A Worm Tower

Source: Permaclture News
Date: 2 February 2012

Building a worm tower is a simple, enjoyable, sustainable way to nurture your garden so that it can continue to nurture you.

Earth—the stuff on the ground, not the planet—is essential for life. Anyone who has a garden (or even a house plant!) has seen a microcosm of this in action. Soil isn’t just something we walk on or that plants anchor in. It’s something that nurtures us and every other form of life on the planet in some sense. Plants need rich, fertile, living soil to truly thrive. Continue reading How to Build A Worm Tower

9 Incredible Survival Uses For A Plain Old Tin Can

Source:Off The Grid News
Date: 22 October 2015
Author: Nicholas O

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A key component of a good survival plan is to take everyday items and apply them into useful purposes for a disaster scenario. Tin cans are just one of those items.

Tin cans, of course, cannot be resealed after you open and eat the food inside of them, but this does not make them disposable items.

Here are nine good survival uses for them:

1. Storage and organization. Sure, tin cans are used for storing food. But they also can just as easily be used to store other food and items after their initial use. More food, coffee, ammunition, seeds, water — take your pick. You can use a bandana or plastic wrap with rubber bands as a makeshift lid.

2. Cooking pot / stove. The ability to boil water and cook food while on the go in the wilderness should absolutely be on your list of top priorities in a survival situation. After all, drinking water from a natural source that is contaminated or hasn’t been boiled can sometimes be more dangerous than not drinking any water at all. Consider including an empty tin can or two in your survival bag to make hot drinks, to boil water, or to cook food. When using a tin can over the fire, just remember to use a branch or other object to hold the can and prevent burning yourself. Continue reading 9 Incredible Survival Uses For A Plain Old Tin Can

Hate Mosquitoes Annoying you? Here 16 Plants That Repel Them

Source:Natural News Blog
Date: 20 October 2015
Author: Beverly Entin

The truth is, DEET and other similar products are the most effective tools to repel mosquitoes, while there is no doubt that there are serious toxic effects of them, especially dangerous for children, as the harmful chemicals are absorbed into the body through skin, and children’s skin absorbs more DEET. So it’s worthwhile to consider natural solutions and remedies, although they are not as effective as DEET, but there are plants that repel mosquitoes as well as other insects really do help.

And also, if you plant some of the mosquito repellent plants in your garden, at the very least they will make your garden beautiful, and most of them also have other useful properties. Continue reading Hate Mosquitoes Annoying you? Here 16 Plants That Repel Them