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Robots could take over 3.4 million human jobs thanks to Amazon Go’s new grocery stores

Source: Natural News
Date: 14 December 2016
Author: JD Heyes

(NaturalNews) For decades factories in the most advanced industrialized nations have been replacing human labor at a steady pace with robots. But today an explosion in robotics technology is leading to rapid advances in capability that will affect nearly all employment sectors—if not every single one. Continue reading Robots could take over 3.4 million human jobs thanks to Amazon Go’s new grocery stores

Nuclear Waste and Diamonds Make Batteries That Last 5,000 Years

Date: 30 November 2016
author: Glenn McDonald


Researchers in the U.K. announced this week that they’ve found a way to turn radioactive diamonds into miniature batteries that last 5,000 years.

At a prestigious annual lecture event in Europe earlier this week, a team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol unveiled a nuclear-powered diamond battery, which runs off the radioactive energy salvaged from nuclear waste. The technique represents an entirely new kind of electrical generation system, according to the research team, which could solve multiple problems regarding clean energy, long-lasting batteries and nuclear waste disposal. Continue reading Nuclear Waste and Diamonds Make Batteries That Last 5,000 Years

Supplementing CO2 for Plant Growth

Supplementing CO2 is important for indoor growers. CO2 can be the most limiting factor when it comes to plant growth. It is good to know how to measure and understand if you have a CO2 problem. It is also an inexpensive method of increasing your crop production.

Matthew Concludes
This video debunks the myth of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) of bring a pollutant. Reason why Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant and it is a gas of life for plants. As the video say at from 1:30 to 2:07; If Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels is below like 250 parts per million the plant stopped growing or grow at a very slow rate. If Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentrations fall below at 150 ppm or below the threshold; plants die off. The lowest level ever for Earth Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations was 180 ppm which is 30 ppm above the plants die off level (150 ppm) and plants will be working so hard to survive and Stoma on the plant on the plant leaf will be open so wide and big it can get. But when Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentrations is high to plant’s Stoma shrink because the plants is getting plenty of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which makes plant growth more efficiently and don’t lose as much water uptake nutrients more efficiently also more tolerant to heat and drought. So we should be praising about Earth Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentrations surpassing the 400 parts per million threshold. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution the Earth Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Concentrations have increase from 280 ppm to 400 ppm and the plant will be loving the extra amount of Carbon Dioxide today.
If you planing to raise plants indoor and want to know how to build a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) generator. For me I haven’t built one yet and you plans and designs how to build one. Let me know in the comments below.

Video: Hackers Control Tesla’s Brakes from 12 Miles (19.3 Kilometres) Away

Main Source: Infowars
Date: 20 September 2016
Author: Mikael Thalen

Tesla quickly patches first known remote attack against its vehicles

Hackers from a Chinese security research group have developed a new attack that allows a Tesla to be exploited remotely.

Members of Keen Lab Security, who released video of the new hack Monday, demonstrated the first known remote attack against several Tesla Model S versions. Continue reading Video: Hackers Control Tesla’s Brakes from 12 Miles (19.3 Kilometres) Away

Home-Scale Biodigester | Janice Kelsey & Jody Spangler | TEDxVillanovaU

Equating a biodigester to an heroic baby dragon, Janice Kelsey and Jody Spangler of Solar CITIES, Inc. will give a simple explanation of biodigestion and how to build a Solar CITIES Design IBC Tank Biodigester to produce cooking fuel and fertilizer using manure and food waste. This team believes through combining the technologies of vertical aeroponics and biodigestion to create an ecosystem we can empower women and others by offering energy independence and entrepreneurial opportunities, improve sanitation through on site manure and waste management, and bring an end to carbon related deaths and deforestation.

Janice Kelsey is a mom to many, an educator, and is currently working in the field of vertical aeroponic food growing. She is Co-Founder and Board Member (VP) for the U.S. non-profit Solar CITIES, Inc. and has been an active volunteer in Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts, Venture Crew and 4-H. She is currently a member of the Chester County Women’s Commission. Janice is active in bringing together a network of eco-minded individuals. Recently earning her International Permaculture Design Certification, she specializes in small-scale biodigestion. She offers hands-on workshops in aeroponics, biogas and a variety of other topics.

First and foremost, Jody is the mom of many boys. Also a Board Member (Treasurer) for the U.S. non-profit Solar CITIES, Inc., Jody is also a Personal Chef by trade, a gardener by necessity, a master composter, and a homesteader raising Miniature Jersey and Dexter Cows. She is a lifetime volunteer with 4-H, Chester County Dairy Promotion and Ludwig’s Corner Fire Company. Her homestead was the recipient of the very first Solar CITIES 10m3 Biodigester in the United States, which is currently being used for manure management. Her homestead, Windy Hill Farms, is open to eco-tourism and workshops.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Australia Becomes First Country To Begin Microchipping Its Public

Main Source: Neon Nettle
Date: 26 August 2016
Author: Jack Murphy

This photo taken 10 May 2002 shows the VeriChip, w
Australia is to be the first country int he world that will begin to microchip their citizens
Australia is to become the first country in the world to microchip its public. NBC new predicted that all Americans would be microchipped by 2017, but it seems Australia may have beaten them to the post. reports: It may sound like sci-fi, but hundreds of Australians are turning themselves into super-humans who can unlock doors, turn on lights and log into computers with a wave of the hand. Continue reading Australia Becomes First Country To Begin Microchipping Its Public

Why call it self-driving?

Would you put your trust into Autonomous car or self-driving car?

In this you tube video below about David Knight speaking about Autonomous car or self-driving car or robot cars call it what you like. Why the self-driving are not going to as safe would as thought?

For Me I’m not against Science and Technology and I’m not against Science and Technology. Like computer and electrical technology do have faults and flaws and do breakdown over time. So I would not put my trust into them. And would not buy any car that is self driving.

The Robots Are Coming… to Make a Cheeseburger & Deliver a Pizza

Date: March 20, 2016
Author: Susanne Posel

The robots might to coming to take the jobs of Carl’s Jr. employees after the chief executive officer, Andy Puzder told the media that he “could have a restaurant that’s focused on all-natural products and is much like an Eatsa, where you order on a kiosk, you pay with a credit or debit card, your order pops up, and you never see a person.” Continue reading The Robots Are Coming… to Make a Cheeseburger & Deliver a Pizza