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Government-run schools turn humans into “flesh robots”

Elite-run schools designed not to train to children think creatively but to train children to be conformists. Also I have link to You Tube about  Sir Ken Robinson: Do School Kill Creativity? This video down below about The Health Ranger Mike Adams why school is nothing but obedience training center to turn children into conformist robots

I will say that “If you’re parent and you knew there something rotten in the education system and it undermining your child’s ability to think creativity maybe it’s time to get child out of the public school and either start homeschooling or spend them a private school that still allow your child to think critically.
Children freedom to think is very important them and allowing them to have the freedom to think will guarantee a future for them

American Youth Indoctrinated Under Pretense Of Environmental Education

Millie Weaver interviews Holly Swanson about the undisclosed agenda of the newly implemented environmental movement within our schools. They discuss how the environmental movement is used to politicize curriculum under the pretense of environmental education to advance green party goals and communism on America’s children.


Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes

Extracted from the Nov. 19, 2012, Glenn Beck Agenda 21 TV broadcast, a TED TV presentation (B. Gates, 2010); and 3 dramatic, faked-by-Beck UN Division of Sustainability TV advertisements (Nov. 2012… however, they do depict true Agenda 21 sustainability policies. Thumbnail of the entire UN Agenda 21 program (AKA: Sustainable Development), minus the propaganda inserted into the entire education system.

Social Engineering: China wants to give all of its citizens a score – and their rating could affect every area of their lives

Main Source: Independent UK
Date: 23 October 2016
Author: Simon Denyer: New Report Beijing

Imagine a world where an authoritarian government monitors everything you do, amasses huge amounts of data on almost every interaction you make, and awards you a single score that measures how “trustworthy” you are.

In this world, anything from defaulting on a loan to criticising the ruling party, from running a red light to failing to care for your parents properly, could cause you to lose points. And in this world, your score becomes the ultimate truth of who you are – determining whether you can borrow money, get your children into the best schools or travel abroad; whether you get a room in a fancy hotel, a seat in a top restaurant – or even just get a date. Continue reading Social Engineering: China wants to give all of its citizens a score – and their rating could affect every area of their lives

Globalist Intend To Use Food As Key Weapon In World Takeover

Social unrest will occur when food shortages begin, providing excuse for martial law

Alex Jones shows how the globalists have steered societies and managed resources, not for prosperity, but to control populations and destroy the middle class.

My Conclusion
That why we should be prepared for whatever coming. As the oncoming global economic collapse which may occur maybe this year or within 4 to 5 years. I know that Venezuela economic collapse is a just warning sign what can happen in any nation. Venezuelan farmer have to hand over any where 30 to 100 percent to their government. Also preparedness and hoarding is illegal in Venezuela so if people try to prepare and hoard, the government will just take it all. When you watch video on you tube about Venezuela food shortages the Supermarket shelves are empty. Once the government take control of the distribution of food and farms the food shortage will only get worse and been proven is history time again. And here a quote

” Control the oil and you control nations; control food and you control people.” Henry Kissinger

This is true because we all need food to survive; not junkfood we buy in the supermarket but good wholesome food what nature has given us. Because if our government control the food and farms they can control us. That why I don’t trust in my our government. You got to have commonsense and use it. And ask yourself that question; If you know that there was going to be a economic collapse occur in your countries would you prepared for it? And commonsense thing to do is to prepare for was ever coming even if it didn’t happen; because it would be foolish not to prepared for worse to come. Many people in first world nation just pretend it’s not going to happen which that the worse and most unforgiving mistake to make.
And I hope you make the best choice to prepare yourself and have family and friend you can rely on.