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Brave Company: YOU better support Our Farmers – the Army of the people and this Govt is trying to destroy them.

Eco Liberty Conclusion: We should support farmer because they give us food and keeps the people fed. Why the government want to destroy them; reason that they have a Communist agenda: Communist are known for starving their own people. And me I grew up a dairy farm and I have help my father milk the cows.

Ice age Farmer: When Gardens Are Outlawed, Only Criminals Will Grow Food

“Gardening is too dangerous!” Authorities are REMOVING plants grown from “unauthorized seeds!” The media is warning that homegrown food can be poisonous, and backyard chickens can be fatal. Soon, for your protection, growing food and raising animals will be illegal. Competition is sin to the transhumanists who are taking over our food supply, and they intend to eliminate it. Christian looks ahead — but not too far — at the agenda to criminalize homesteading.

Eco Liberty Conclusion: Control Food; you Control the people. In New Zealand 9 Years the government have try to make grow food illegal with the Bill (160-2) but there a push back from the Gardners, Farmer and Growers and won. But there will time the NZ government will try again especially if Labour or National is elected. It has nothing to do with safely but has something to do with control and with United Nations Agenda 21/2030. Beat them by growing your food and raising animals for food.

Ige Age Farmer: FOOD SHUTDOWN: Farmworkers flee COVID-19 tests – CA Orders Meat Plant Closure

Workers are fleeing farms to avoid mandatory COVID-19 testing. California is ordering meat plants to close. The “second wave” has arrived as an controlled demolition of our food supply, to allow the totalitarian, technocratic takeover of our food supply and society. Spread the word and start growing food.

Ice Age Farmer: Food Warfare: More States to Test/Close Farms – Wildfires & Weather Warfare

Our food supply is under all out attack. WA and MI have followed CA in mandating COVID-19 testing for farmworkers, which–as we have seen in Ontario–presages their shutting down farms where workers test positive. Depriving farms of harvest labor is unthinkable. More California wildfires expected. Two hurricanes inbound to gulf, rice-producing areas. You must start growing your own food now.

Ice age Farmer: Rockefeller’s “Reset the Table:” Food Tyranny & Transform Food Supply

The Rockefeller Foundation has released a new report, “Reset The Table” — an implied part of “The Great Reset” — describing a radical transformation of our food system in the face of the most significant disruption to our food supply in history. The report calls to provide food to all (like UBI), use schools as community nutrition distribution anchors, de-fund farms/ranches via “true cost accounting” that includes CO2, provide funds to BIPOC, collect realtime data for AI/automation, and much, much more. Christian breaks down this report, which builds upon the assault upon global food supply and your ability to feed your family. Thank you for sharing this report to help spread the word.

Iceage Farmer: UNBELIEVABLE: Gov. Forces Farms to Shut Down. Food Shortages Imminent.

A controlled demolition of our global food supply is taking place at a staggering rate: Ontario FORCES closure of farms. China BANS sale of live poultry. Aldi Sud SHAMES customers for buying meat. MILLIONS of pounds of seed potatoes are DISCARDED in a giant hole. One could not shut down food production more rapidly than is NOW taking place — we must all grow food immediately for our families and communities. Spread the word.

Bayer and the bees | DW Documentary

Insecticides are sometimes necessary in farming. But some substances, like neonicotinoids, kill not only pests but bees as well. Now the Bayer Group, one of the main manufacturers of these pesticides, is coming under pressure. Scientists around the world have found that neonicotinoids are the main cause of mass bee deaths. Research has shown that a number of insecticides should have been banned long ago. For years, the Bayer Group has sought to silence the critics and pressure scientists into not publishing their findings. For more than two decades, experts have been warning of the negative effects of neonicotinoids, with a whole range of studies published on the subject. It would appear that the industry, aided by the authorities, managed to successfully delay any ban on these substances for years. Studies show that neonicotinoids not only kill pests, but also bees and other beneficial insects. Dutch toxicologist Henk Tennekes was among the first to recognize the problem. He believes neonicotinoids are the most toxic insecticides ever produced. He discovered a study carried out by Bayer itself, back in 1991, which found that a particular neonicotinoid had a negative effect on the nervous system of a fly species. These effects were said to be “irreversible”. Tennekes then confronted the company with his findings. He was taken aback by the response: “Bayer now claims” he says, “that the binding of critical receptors in the nervous system by neonicotinoids is reversible. So they’re contradicting the results of their own study. … If they had considered what impact this substance has, they would have had to take it off the market.” Scientists in France also analyzed mass bee deaths and likewise identified an insecticide made by Bayer as the culprit. Toxicologist Jean-Marc Bonmatin reveals how the company then sought to prevent the results from being published. Meanwhile, toxicologists in Japan discovered that neonicotinoids also harm other creatures, such as fish and river crabs. There too, Bayer sought to suppress publication. ——————————————————————- DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch high-class documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary.

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