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Keiser Report: Trumponomics (E993)

In this episode of the Keiser Report Max and Stacy address the policy vacuum of the President-elect by guessing what his policy toward fracking might be. If he wants to ‘save coal’, as he claims, it is fracking (a policy pushed by Hillary Clinton) that hurt coal mining more than environmental regulations. They also look at the false promise of genetically modified crops. In the second half Max continues his interview with Dr. Michael Hudson about what went wrong for Hillary.

Keiser Report: Winners & Losers (US Election Day special E991)

In this special US Election Day episode of the Keiser Report from New York City, Max and Stacy report from outside the Javits Center, where Hillary Clinton took the stage at the event that she and most pollsters and media thought would celebrate her victory. What went wrong? Former North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller tells Keiser Report that Hillary failed to bring in the working class vote. Author and former banker Mitch Feierstein suggests it was her alleged corruption. And credit analyst and Trump supporter Chris Whalen says that, in the end, Hillary just didn’t have the message that resonated with voters and it was Trump who had momentum and message.

First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale

Source:Anti Media
Date: 29 October 2015
Author: Claire Bernish

Iceland — First, Iceland jailed its crooked bankers for their direct involvement in the financial crisis of 2008. Now, every Icelander will receive a payout for the sale of one of its three largest banks, Íslandsbanki.

If Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has his way — and he likely will — Icelanders will be paid kr 30,000 after the government takes over ownership of the bank. Íslandsbanki would be second of the three largest banks under State proprietorship. Continue reading First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale

Economic Crisis: Soros-Linked Billionaire Buys Up Gold

Major gold purchase indicates coming financial collapse

Date: 17 August 2015
Author: Kit Daniels

A billionaire hedge fund manager linked to George Soros bought up gold shares after multiple financial experts warned a stock market crash is coming.

Stanley Druckenmiller, who runs Duquesne Capital after previously working for Soros, now owns 2.88 million shares of SPDR Gold Trust, making it his largest single holding and long position. Continue reading Economic Crisis: Soros-Linked Billionaire Buys Up Gold

The “China Price”: Will Devaluation Be Used to Push TPP?

Along with slave wages, disregard for workers’ health or the environment, and copyright violations, the ‘China Price’, China’s competition killing price, has always included currency manipulation. This week China took currency manipulation to a new level, rocking financial markets & triggering fear of deflation. Will it develop into a trade war or real war? Will it be used for the final push of the Transpacific & Transatlantic trade deals (TPP, TTIP)?

The Troika Swindle: Greeks Owe Nothing

Source: Infowars
Date: 6 July 2015
Author: Kurt Nimmo

€245 billion debt was fraudulently dumped on the country

In June the Greek “Truth Committee on Public Debt” established by Zoi Konstantopoulou the speaker of the Greek parliament “came to the conclusion that Greece should not pay this debt because it is illegal, illegitimate, and odious.”

The establishment media has hidden from view the facts behind the debt and has sided with the banks in declaring the population of Greece deserves austerity and its attendant poverty and misery because of the Greek government’s intransigence and refusal to accept the harsh conditions of the Troika, consisting of the IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank.

Left unsaid is the fact a large portion of the debt totaling about €245 billion was fraudulently dumped on the country in the course of huge bank bailouts in 2010 and 2012. Continue reading The Troika Swindle: Greeks Owe Nothing

Indonesia Ban use of the US Dollar

Date: 2 July 2015
Author: Unknown

The Central Bank of Indonesia has put into force a complete ban on the use of the US dollar and other foreign currencies in all financial transactions in the country to stop the rupiah free fall.

The ban, effective from July 1, 2015, was first announced by the head of Bank Indonesia Eco Yulianto in April. Continue reading Indonesia Ban use of the US Dollar

Hungary Orders The Rothschild Banks To Leave The Country

Date: 4th June 2015
Author: Sophia Akram

Hungary, in 2013, finally kicked out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from its country. In July it announced its plans to repay the IMF bailout and for it to vacate the Budapest office. By August the same year, the Central European country had indeed arranged early payment of the loan.

A kindly worded letter from Gyorgy Matolcsy, the head of Hungary’s Central Bank , asked Managing Director, Christine Lagarde of the International Misery Fund, as some have fondly nicknamed it, to close the office as it was not necessary to maintain it any longer. Continue reading Hungary Orders The Rothschild Banks To Leave The Country

Ruble now ‘excessively’ strong – Russian Finance Minister

April 24, 2015

The Russian ruble has strengthened to a point where it is actually too strong, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said on Friday during a lecture in St. Petersburg.

“What happened was expected: the volume of gold reserves stabilized, then the ruble started stabilizing and has now strengthened. We believe that it has strengthened excessively,” Siluanov said at a lecture in St Petersburg.

Continue reading Ruble now ‘excessively’ strong – Russian Finance Minister