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Banks in New Zealand Climate Tracing

Eco Liberty
20 July 2020
Matthew Miller

The Bank in New Zealand now tracking your action on climate change according form the Westpac New Zealand. Your spending will be tracked from you Apps hows your spending affect your impact on Climate Change. Jessica Satherley Written

“Having visibility over what you’re spending and where can be a powerful tool.
Finance and sustainability tracking app Cogo found that when 1,000 British consumers had carbon-tracking information on businesses at their fingertips, almost half opted to spend their money with eco-friendly companies.
For example, a whopping 42% of shoppers bought second-hand clothing instead of new items. The carbon savings of this amounted to approximately 47kgs of carbon per person annually.
The ability to track each person’s carbon footprint in real-time is being rolled out on the New Zealand version of Cogo with Westpac’s support.
The aim is to replicate the UK version of the app which gives users 25,000 low-carbon businesses to choose from, across retail, hospitality, transport and other sectors.
The New Zealand app already boasts more than 3,000 accredited business listings and has had more than 20,000 downloads.
CoGo has partnered with Westpac NZ to allow users to securely link their transaction data from any New Zealand major bank to the app, using open banking technology.
This data is analysed to create a personalised carbon footprint for each user, as well as recognising and recommending actions they can take to reduce it.
When it came to eating habits, 2% of UK users ate meat but did not eat red meat, which reduces their carbon footprint by approximately 120kg annually.
Adopting a vegan diet reduces a person’s annual carbon footprint by approximately 450kgs and was undertaken by 6% of consumers. And 4% of users opted to be vegetarian, which reduces a person’s carbon footprint by around 321kg per year.
CEO of CoGo is New Zealander Ben Gleisner, who recently returned from London where he spent two years setting up the company in the UK.
He is now excited to offer the platform to Kiwis.
“It’s really great to be home and to bring back a Kiwi-made tech platform that has proven itself as a world-leading solution to the climate crisis,” Gleisner said.
“With Westpac NZ’s support, we will empower businesses and citizens across the entire country to build the low-carbon economy we all know is needed,” he said.
Westpac NZ Customer Experience Hub General Manager Karen Silk said the Carbon Footprint Tracker will enable Kiwis to undertake the same type of analysis being done at the bank.
“Having recently become New Zealand’s first Toitū carbonzero certified bank, we leapt at the opportunity to help our customers understand and reduce their carbon footprints too.
The new open-banking powered Carbon Footprint Tracker is due to launch on the CoGo app in September this year, and will be free for anyone with an account at one of the five largest NZ banks.”

Also from MSN: This Al Gore-supported project uses AI to track the world’s emissions in near real time “The time lag in current data makes it often non-actionable,” says Gore, who has been helping structure the project to have the maximum impact on the climate crisis and enlisting partners for financial and strategic support. “To draw an analogy, if you start your contact tracing for COVID-19 two weeks after the person knows he’s infected, it’s just not very actionable. But having near real-time data means that there will be, for the first time, accountability. We intend to trace all significant manmade greenhouse gas emissions, assign responsibility for them, and show multiple audiences—governments, NGOs, businesses, investors, activists, and others—exactly where the emissions are coming from in a timeframe that makes them actionable and holds the emitters accountable.”

As in the first paragraph: “As the world tries to figure out how to flatten the climate curve—cutting global emissions in half by the end of the decade, and reaching net-zero emissions by the middle of the century—one challenge is how to track current emissions from every power plant, farm, and other source on the planet. A new project called the Climate TRACE Coalition plans to use satellite imagery and AI to track those emissions in near real-time, even if they’re not being reported by the source.”

What Al Gore is planning for you. This is not about saving planet it is about control. And the CoGo Apps is just another vision of contact tracing and getting you on the smartgrid as well into social credit system which will take place in the near future.

Piers Corbyn quote “Climate policy is not about controlling the climate; it’s about controlling you”.

The best news you can give you is that:
  • Don’t have any Contact Tracer app download on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Do you research when new update vision is release before updating your operating system on your smartphone because there would be a contact tracer app built in. I found feature on the iOS 13.6 under heath section something worrying and it said “Ability to log new symptom, like fever, chills, sore throat or coughing and share them with third party apps”. It see anything like that in the update description or oversea do avoid updating the operating system.

Here an image I screen shot on my computer to see worrying feature (built in Contact Tracer app) in the iOS 13.6 update overview on any apple product.

Screen shot with my Ice-cream App while watching the iOS 13.6 overview on You Tube

Adapt 2030: What Will Be Required For You To Move in Society 2021 Forward

To move through society beginning 2021 you will be required to have a “Self Sovereign Identity” issued by a corporation in the Covid Credentials Initiative (CCI) where you will be tagged in the Trust Over IP Foundation’s “person under guardianship” through the Identity for All Council (I4A), just to have a job or enter a supermarket. The best part is that you will need to pay monthly to keep your credentials active. Central Bank Digital Currency will be deposited into your cloud based digital wallet.

Ten reasons why immunity passports are a bad idea
21 May 2020
Natalie Kofler & Françoise Baylis

Restricting movement on the basis of biology threatens freedom, fairness and public health.

A woman in Beijing shows a health QR code on her phone to access a shopping area, as a security guard checks her temperature. Credit: Kevin Frayer/Getty

Imagine a world where your ability to get a job, housing or a loan depends on passing a blood test. You are confined to your home and locked out of society if you lack certain antibodies.

It has happened before. For most of the nineteenth century, immunity to yellow fever divided people in New Orleans, Louisiana, between the ‘acclimated’ who had survived yellow fever and the ‘unacclimated’, who had not had the disease1. Lack of immunity dictated whom people could marry, where they could work, and, for those forced into slavery, how much they were worth. Presumed immunity concentrated political and economic power in the hands of the wealthy elite, and was weaponized to justify white supremacy.

Something similar could be our dystopian future if governments introduce ‘immunity passports’ in efforts to reverse the economic catastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea is that such certificates would be issued to those who have recovered and tested positive for antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 — the coronavirus that causes the disease. Authorities would lift restrictions on those who are presumed to have immunity, allowing them to return to work, to socialize and to travel. This idea has so many flaws that it is hard to know where to begin.

On 24 April, the World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned against issuing immunity passports because their accuracy could not be guaranteed. It stated that: “There is currently no evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection”(see Nonetheless, the idea is being floated in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and other nations.

China has already introduced virtual health checks, contact tracing and digital QR codes to limit the movement of people. Antibody test results could easily be integrated into this system. And Chile, in a game of semantics, says that it intends to issue ‘medical release certificates’ with three months’ validity to people who have recovered from the disease2.

In our view, any documentation that limits individual freedoms on the basis of biology risks becoming a platform for restricting human rights, increasing discrimination and threatening — rather than protecting — public health. Here we present ten reasons why immunity passports won’t, can’t and shouldn’t be allowed to work.

Check on the link to read the rest of Ten reasons why immunity passports are a bad idea:

Ron Paul Liberty Report: Coronavirus ‘Contact Tracers’ – The Tools Of Dictatorship

Thanks to trillions in “bailout money” passed by Congress, thousands of “contact tracers” will soon descend on the country demanding to test people for the coronavirus, to track down those they’ve been in contact with, and potentially to impose involuntary quarantine. Are we OK with the government tracking our every movement under the guise of fighting a virus that appears to have nearly run its course in the US?

Also – Oregon fights back against dictatorial governor and several US states revise massively inflated Covid death numbers.

The Chow House: A COVID Future

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the Cashless Society is UnFolding

Also I got it on Bitchute because I expect this video on you tube be taken down because it go against the Globalist’s agenda.

How can we fight the cashless agenda the Globalist Elites have planned for years:
  • Boycott Stores that disallow cash transaction
  • Keep using cash and don’t be scared
  • Record this video with with your screen recorder
  • Share this post

Surveillance to make sure farmers look after their animals properly recommended

25 November 2019
Angie Skerrett

A taskforce established by the Agriculture Minister to look at animal welfare issues around the practice of winter grazing has made a raft of recommendations.

They include expanding knowledge of barriers to adopting improved animal welfare practices, and more active surveillance to ensure animal welfare standards are being met.

Winter grazing sees stock given access to a measured area of forage and shifted in a controlled manner. But the practice has been under the spotlight after photos of mudbound cows in Southland and Otago were released by environmentalist Angus Robson. 

“Images of cows up to their knees in mud, unable to lie down and rest and calving in these conditions is unacceptable to me and I’ve heard loud and clear from the public that it’s unacceptable to them too,” Damien O’Connor said in August, setting up the taskforce in response.

The taskforce included industry group representatives and farmers, as well as Robson.

O’Connor said it’s made 11 recommendations to improve animal welfare in intensive winter grazing farm systems.

“I asked the taskforce to do a stocktake of the multiple initiatives that are already underway to promote good winter grazing and identify where we might work more together to improve practices.”

A pan-sector action group would also be set up to implement the recommendations.

“Winter crop grazing is necessary in some parts of the country to provide enough feed for stock at a time when there’s not a lot of pasture, but we must ensure farmers have the right tools and advice to ensure animal welfare.

“As a Government, we’re committed to working alongside farmers to maintain their ability to export on our valuable New Zealand brand and open up new trading markets. Our international reputation depends on getting this sort of thing right, as does our social licence to operate within New Zealand.”

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) would work with farmers and industry groups to ensure farmers get the help they need.

“I know that many farmers are already changing and adapting their practice and I thank them for the effort. We want to help in that work,” said O’Connor.

“The next step will be the establishment of an action group to begin implementing the recommendations so we can see some progress next winter and beyond”.

Eco Liberty Conclusion: It’s that true about the surveillance on Farmers in the name of Animal Welfare in New Zealand; farmer should be concerned about their privacy . Animal Rights Activist have already for surveillance on slaughterhouses according to Brisbane Times Also in the UK according to the The Guardian All slaughterhouses in England will be fitted with compulsory CCTV under plans to be unveiled on Friday by environment secretary Michael Gove, as part of a series of measures to bolster welfare standards and enforce laws against animal cruelty.
To all Farmer if you’re for defending your right to privacy and your livelihood you would no to government surveillance on the farms. Farmers do have their own surveillance system install on their own for security and protecting their property; also catching trespassers and invaders; as well addressing issues that have occur on the farm.
Let say “no” to government surveillance on the farms and protect their farms and their privacy.

CLAIRE EDWARDS ~ “The 5G Space Weapon, Mind Control Agenda & Kill Grid”

An important and informative interview on the topic of 5G and the “International Appeal To STOP 5G on Earth and in Space”. Spokesperson for the Appeal to STOP 5G, CLAIRE EDWARDS is the guest on this eye-opening, in-depth and compelling episode of AGE OF TRUTH TV, interviewed by presenter and investigative reporter, Lucas Alexander.