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This a page I created on Eco Liberty to what I up to and the reason why create this page.

What got me into Bee Keeping? A friend of mine who is Chem-trial activist as well as anti 1080 activist he also a bee keeping but he wasn’t giving me much help so I start going to Bee club in my local town and they were not giving much help either and unwilling to give up a small peace of land just for a few hives no matter want I’m offering them in a return. I was angry and frustrated because I’m just trying to make a living. I’m just asking for their help I so can started, learn from trial and error, learn from my mistake, once I adapt to my job in Bee Keeping I can add more hive so get more honey and make more money so one day can buy my own land be more self reliance, not be as depended on other people as much. One day could help other people get started in bee keeping and teach them tip and tricks, give them advice.

One the most important reason that who I decide to take up Bee Keeping
One Many plants on this planet relies on Bee for pollination.

A freedom to exist both ecological and economical

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