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Brave Company: YOU better support Our Farmers – the Army of the people and this Govt is trying to destroy them.

Eco Liberty Conclusion: We should support farmer because they give us food and keeps the people fed. Why the government want to destroy them; reason that they have a Communist agenda: Communist are known for starving their own people. And me I grew up a dairy farm and I have help my father milk the cows.

NZ Liberty March Auckland 12092020

A awesome day in New Zealand Liberty March in Auckland. It least 2,000 to 3,000 people have showed up that my estimate. I meet my You Tube Subscribers in the March as well other You Tubers like Cassies Hinkman (Carol Sakey), Vinny Eastwood; also Cross the Rubicon and Terry Opines which I manage to see them in the march in Auckland.

I gave my Thanks to: Vinny Eastwood, Billy Te Kahika, Jamie Lee Ross and cause to the Police Officers to ensure to maintain order and public safety for who’re either in the protest or not also be sure the protest remain peaceful.

Oppenheimer Ranch Project: Seed Saving Lettuce with Diamond & Leah – Growing Abundance is Like Growing Money, Health and Wealth

In our society, growing food yourself has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest, one that can-and will-overturn the corporate powers that be. By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world-we change ourselves! -Jules Dervaes Growing Food is Our Greatest Protest -Learn to garden and separate yourself from capitalism’s control of food. Video on the topic here :…

Ice age Farmer: When Gardens Are Outlawed, Only Criminals Will Grow Food

“Gardening is too dangerous!” Authorities are REMOVING plants grown from “unauthorized seeds!” The media is warning that homegrown food can be poisonous, and backyard chickens can be fatal. Soon, for your protection, growing food and raising animals will be illegal. Competition is sin to the transhumanists who are taking over our food supply, and they intend to eliminate it. Christian looks ahead — but not too far — at the agenda to criminalize homesteading.

Eco Liberty Conclusion: Control Food; you Control the people. In New Zealand 9 Years the government have try to make grow food illegal with the Bill (160-2) but there a push back from the Gardners, Farmer and Growers and won. But there will time the NZ government will try again especially if Labour or National is elected. It has nothing to do with safely but has something to do with control and with United Nations Agenda 21/2030. Beat them by growing your food and raising animals for food.

Ige Age Farmer: FOOD SHUTDOWN: Farmworkers flee COVID-19 tests – CA Orders Meat Plant Closure

Workers are fleeing farms to avoid mandatory COVID-19 testing. California is ordering meat plants to close. The “second wave” has arrived as an controlled demolition of our food supply, to allow the totalitarian, technocratic takeover of our food supply and society. Spread the word and start growing food.

Cashless Plan

Coronavirus (COVID 19) is being used to scare people from using cash. The Elite been planning a cashless for decades. Cashless society is a very containing any free society because your spending will be tracked and controlled. When you happen do or say anything what the state doesn’t like; they can just turn off your bank account and stop you buying and selling something.

We should not be afraid of cash but be afraid of the cashless society. Keep using cash and don’t be scared.

Here video on the banned website about the cashless plan:

Ice Age Farmer: Food Warfare: More States to Test/Close Farms – Wildfires & Weather Warfare

Our food supply is under all out attack. WA and MI have followed CA in mandating COVID-19 testing for farmworkers, which–as we have seen in Ontario–presages their shutting down farms where workers test positive. Depriving farms of harvest labor is unthinkable. More California wildfires expected. Two hurricanes inbound to gulf, rice-producing areas. You must start growing your own food now.

Jacinda Adern wishes to take NZ children from their parents & put them into isolation

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Since Adern switched the rules with no consultation note, the military in NZ are allowed to enter homes with no warrant and forcibly remove your children in the interests of health should it be deemed necessary.

This was first uttered back in the first global lockdown by Michael Ryan speaking from WHO (now ‘fact checked’ as untrue). I recall the horror then at such a suggestion. That was a lead in. A sure indication it was coming down the pipe. ‘In a humane fashion’ or similar he said.

How humane can ripping a small say one year old child from its mother be? By perfect strangers in military uniforms wearing masks? Come on Jacinda Adern. You are a mother. This is not humane!

This is out and out tyranny.

Any person with even half a brain cell knows that this is not sound medical / psychological / humane practice. Aside…

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