About Eco Liberty

Eco Liberty is about being free or freeing yourself from your dependence on the system both ecologically and economically. While our tyrannical governing system is trying to keep us in bondage of dependence. Here in New Zealand, to get a job you have to trough at university or any other educational institution which, even that still not enough.

So why do we have go through this government education system, which it is not a education it is indoctrination which that means being force accept set of belief without question. Without question! Believing in every word you hear is dangerous path to be on.

When we get put into state school for 10-13 years what do we learn in that time? Answer is “not much or nothing, depend on what you want to trough. Problem is that you can’t be educated the way you want to be educated, in a classroom you’re educated the way the teacher decides. The student haven’t trough you how to fix your car, be self-sufficient, plumbing, building, learn to defend yourself, and more. Getting to be qualified for job is expensive even you got out school and you’re lucky to get a job at McDonalds or Supermarket Checkout Operator at a low wage even that you still got to be trained. We don’t have to live like this way anymore because we got the internet available we can choose to free from the system the choice is ours.

That why website is created so I can use the skills I have available although I’m still a long way of being self-sufficient and having free energy working in my area. So people I need  your support and; of cause you can contact me though facebook, skype and Email if you want to share your knowledge and what you got to say about this website under the contact tab.

News source I’m covering related

1.    Agenda 21: United Nations Plan to remove us from our rural land and put us into jammed picked cities into micro-apartments and each apartment room and area around about 18.6 square metre (200 square feet) to 27.9 square metre (300 square feet) also get us out of our cars and on to bikes.

2.     Economic News:  Want to know what really is happen to our economy here in New Zealand. Why there is less job available than usual and it’s harder to get job? Why poverty is increasing?

3.    Environment Issues: want to know the real issues about the environment and expose the fake green movement. Oil and Coal and why do we need them for our modern day energy use and I know that solar and wind will not product enough energy for our modern day use. It we get rid of oil and coal back to the Stone Age.

4.    Farmageddon: Want to know Big Agri want pare out any form of organic farming. Why our farming sovereignty and right to grow or produce our own food is under attack. More Rural news.

5.    Geo Engineering & Weather news: Chemtrials and weather modification and what effect does to the weather and to environment and the ecosystem.

6.    Health & Food Security: Want to know that our food and medical sovereignty is under attack.

7.    Humour: Even the time are hard and crazy but it doesn’t mean you can stop laughing because even in hard times we still laugh.

8.    Prohibition: Even when cannabis and other drugs become illegal and why things got worse like crime went up, more people do it, create gangs and criminals organizations and criminal make more money.

9.    Science & Technology: Want to know about the latest inventions, discovery and technology. Big Brother news.

10.Self-sustaining: Want to know how to be self-sufficient and the latest self-sustaining new also how be self-educated.

11.Truth about CO2 and Global Warming: Why global warming and climate change is always have something to with the sun? And CO2 is always needed here for life on earth?

12.Eco Liberty Archives: Show only all the archives that the Eco Liberty website Host write about.

For me I’m inventing something new or bringing out the idea and inventions that otherwise they would remain suppressed, first I got to get it built, get it tested and if the test is successful then you share it out to other people. PES wiki is another website that shows other people are inventing something new that going to benefit other people once it get out to the public. That you I put out other Link to lead you to other websites. Because this website is not going always give all the resource you need, that why there is links on the right, so you can get the News, Ideas and more. I hope you appreciative for what I’m doing and what I’m trying to do. I know I don’t have all the answers and I willing to do what I can. Together we can achieve more.


2 thoughts on “About Eco Liberty”

  1. Good work Matthew. I don’t understand lots of the government stuff but I love the environmental stuff and empowering people to take ownership of their lives. I too am on this journey.

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A freedom to exist both ecological and economical

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