Scott Maitland: CoronaVirus and the 5G Connection that No One is Talking About: Undeniable Evidence of a Connection

Finally, audio!

This is my 3rd video, and I have confirmed audio. Sorry , guys. I’m not a big YouTuber, and I messed up on the first two videos. 😦 Finally, got this right. Thanks for your patience.

This is an update to a previous video I released with the same title. I figured out that the previous video didn’t contain audio. I have double-checked this one to be sure of it.

What you are going to see here is undeniable evidence that where 5g is being used, CoronaVirus is spreading rapidly, and the case fatality rate is out of control. ON the other hand, where there is no 5g, there are very few cases and very slow case transmission, and the case fatality rate is basically 0. Coincidence? I don’t think so, but you can decide for yourself.

In this video, we’ll look at three maps. One map is the John Hopkins real-time case location map, and the other two are maps that show where 5g is currently being used right now – one in the USA and one for the world.

Here’s some interesting facts we glean from this study:

China: 50k recovered/3k died = aprx. 5.6% case fatality rate/5g is used
South Korea: 118 recovered/50 deaths = aprx. 30% case fatality rate/5g is used
Italy: The same trend
Iran: The same trend
France: The same trend
USA: The same trend

Contrast with the following:

Singapore (One of hte first nations to catch the coronavirus after china): 138 total cases to date, 0 deaths, no 5g
Thailand: 48 cases to date, 0 deaths (aside from chinese traveller two months ago), no 5g
Malaysia: 93 cases to date, 0 deaths, no 5g

Mexico: The same trend
Nigeria: The same trend
Indonesia: The same trend


Countries and localities where 5g is currently being tested or used for commercial purposes are Code Red, meaning rapid case transmission and very, very high case fatality rates.

Countries and localities that are researching and developing 5g (where 5g is being somewhat used), it is Code Yellow, meaning that there is significant spreading of virus and case fatality rate, but not nearly as bad as Code Red countries.

Countries and localities that only have 3g and 4g and aren’t using 5g at all are Code Green countries, meaning that spreading is snail-paced, case fatalities are non-existent or almost non-existent.

You might stay away from those 5G hotspot because you might have a higher chance getting the Coronavirus and drying from it. If you still manage to getting the Coronavirus and you not in the 5G hotspot you still have a better chance surviving the virus. Although Israel is developing a vaccine for the Coronavirus. I have a better idea; Stop 5G, turn 5G off and leave it off . 5G was never proven safe and there was no 5G safety research. We will have much better chance of surviving the Coronavirus.