Day two In CovId-19 Lockdown: No you cannot go hunting or Fishing and you cannot even to the Beach

Eco Liberty
27 March 2020
Matthew Miller

Empty Highway in Auckland, New Zealand

Day two since the Covid-19 was declared in New Zealand by the prime minister. This is about fishing and hunting. The reason Into cover this topic because during Level 4 alert level in New Zealand; the people in New Zealand must stay at home (any regard of their health) unless they’re traveling to get essential supple like food and medicine at supermarkets or pharmacy also traveling is severity restricted. So outdoor activities that has something to do about leaving your property and coming out isolation there forth you cannot fishing nor hunting nor even going the beach . This newsletter that I found on

Also going to the beach is for bitten during the COVID-19 according the New Zealand Herald in the first paragraph

“Beach access will be restricted and lifeguard patrols will stop nationwide from tomorrow as New Zealand enters lockdown.
As announced by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Monday, New Zealand was classed as alert level 3 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, until tonight at 11.59pm when it will go to level 4, which outlined extensive restrictive measures concerning everyday life.”

Here state of Alert in New Zealand from Level 1 to up to Level 4 and the current Alert Level is Level 4

Remember people in any country; Be safe, Be Healthy, wash your hand often, If you sick stay home also report on those who’re not abiding the COVID-19 quarantine laws especially the sick people with flu like symptoms who do not self quarantine. We will get through this pandemic; we will survive

New Zealand is now on Lockdown Due to the Coronavirus (CoVid-19) Day One in Quarantine

Eco Liberty
26 March 2020
Matthew Miller

Hello people; Day one in quarantine; I hope you all doing okay, remaining calm and not panicking because panicking is the last you want to do. Being Prepared and not scared. Like to say this because this site is all about encourage people being for prepared the hard times that may come. In fact in New Zealand the prime minister Jacinda Ardern have declare Coronavirus (COVID-19) alert level 4 and what does that means; this link slow this If you’re in New Zealand please click on the link and read it

Remember people remain calm and wash your hand often especially if you been coughing, touching objects, going the eat, physical contact with people. Don’t buy into the fear that the mainstream media like to put out. They also like to discourage the use of cash because it may spread the virus; according the wealth daily

and in the headline “There’s No Better Time to Go Cashless Than Now”. Please people don’t be fool and buy into the fear because Cashless means
  • A loss of privacy (your spending will be tracked)
  • It requires electricity (when power goes out you can’t buy anything)
  • Your can’t give or donate money physically it only can be done digitally
  • Hard to keep track on your spending(with cash you know how much you spend; with cashless society you rely on your device like your smartphone or computer to see your spending record
  • Loss of freedom (either if you have a bad credit rating or low score on the social credit system when it in place; the bank or government can just turn off your account)

The global elite wants a cashless society to push their agenda and they using the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic to discourage the use of cash to push for a cashless society and also being a world government. People don’t be scare but be calm and enjoy your day and keep using cash.

Scott Maitland: CoronaVirus and the 5G Connection that No One is Talking About: Undeniable Evidence of a Connection

Finally, audio!

This is my 3rd video, and I have confirmed audio. Sorry , guys. I’m not a big YouTuber, and I messed up on the first two videos. 😦 Finally, got this right. Thanks for your patience.

This is an update to a previous video I released with the same title. I figured out that the previous video didn’t contain audio. I have double-checked this one to be sure of it.

What you are going to see here is undeniable evidence that where 5g is being used, CoronaVirus is spreading rapidly, and the case fatality rate is out of control. ON the other hand, where there is no 5g, there are very few cases and very slow case transmission, and the case fatality rate is basically 0. Coincidence? I don’t think so, but you can decide for yourself.

In this video, we’ll look at three maps. One map is the John Hopkins real-time case location map, and the other two are maps that show where 5g is currently being used right now – one in the USA and one for the world.

Here’s some interesting facts we glean from this study:

China: 50k recovered/3k died = aprx. 5.6% case fatality rate/5g is used
South Korea: 118 recovered/50 deaths = aprx. 30% case fatality rate/5g is used
Italy: The same trend
Iran: The same trend
France: The same trend
USA: The same trend

Contrast with the following:

Singapore (One of hte first nations to catch the coronavirus after china): 138 total cases to date, 0 deaths, no 5g
Thailand: 48 cases to date, 0 deaths (aside from chinese traveller two months ago), no 5g
Malaysia: 93 cases to date, 0 deaths, no 5g

Mexico: The same trend
Nigeria: The same trend
Indonesia: The same trend


Countries and localities where 5g is currently being tested or used for commercial purposes are Code Red, meaning rapid case transmission and very, very high case fatality rates.

Countries and localities that are researching and developing 5g (where 5g is being somewhat used), it is Code Yellow, meaning that there is significant spreading of virus and case fatality rate, but not nearly as bad as Code Red countries.

Countries and localities that only have 3g and 4g and aren’t using 5g at all are Code Green countries, meaning that spreading is snail-paced, case fatalities are non-existent or almost non-existent.

You might stay away from those 5G hotspot because you might have a higher chance getting the Coronavirus and drying from it. If you still manage to getting the Coronavirus and you not in the 5G hotspot you still have a better chance surviving the virus. Although Israel is developing a vaccine for the Coronavirus. I have a better idea; Stop 5G, turn 5G off and leave it off . 5G was never proven safe and there was no 5G safety research. We will have much better chance of surviving the Coronavirus.

Oppenheimer Ranch Project: David DuByne on Crop Losses and The Nature Of Reality – Be Prepared not Scared it’s Coming Soon..

Yes be prepared; not scared. Here in New Zealand to try to get the people be ready for hardship that comes their way. But people choose to remain complacent and unprepared; when that hardship come they panic because they did not prepared for it. When we are prepared we will survive.

Greta or Naomi: Climate Alarmism vs Realism

Climate change is of interest to many young people, and now they have more than one climate leader. Greta Thunberg is well-known for her ‘house is on fire’ rhetoric – an alarmist view of climate; less well-known is German teenager Naomi Seibt who rejects climate alarmism and calls for climate realism. This video explores six points that people often use as evidence of climate catastrophe, but the CLINTEL climate intelligence group shows things are not so black and white. Please read their report: “There is no Climate Emergency”:…