Get Your Kids OUT OF SCHOOL! – Public School & Modern Mind Control with David Rodriguez

Josh Sigurdson talks with David Rodriguez of Home School Leader about what one could easily consider the most important topic in the world… The future of children and future independence and freedom. Since the 19th century, children have been consistently molded down to be dependent and subservient by public schools through so-called education that most kids can’t stand. They’re expected to sit down at a desk 5 days a week and sit still when they’re at the height of their curiosity. Childhood is the most ambitious, most impressionable time in a person’s life and children spend it largely in a government classroom being told what to think. By the time they’re out, they’re hardly a dependent on their parents and they have to go out and get a job for the rest of their lives with little recourse. Or they have to go to college and get into debt working for a job they’ve been told they want. This is a sad fate for most people, meant to make tax cattle without ambition. David does an amazing job breaking down why parents should get their kids out of public schools. He answers many of the questions countless parents have when it comes to this very difficult decision. This may be a loaded issue, but when your children spend the majority of their childhood in school rather than with you, who do you think they truly view as their parents? And being government schools, what do you think that carries on over to when they’re adults? It’s a farm and it takes parents to raise a child, not a village. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this important subject! Find more of David’s work here: