Ten Unmistakable Signs Of A Toxic Culture

Date: 19 October 2016
Author: Liz Ryan

The biggest problem for many working people is that the actual work on their desks is the easiest part of the job. Nothing they are responsible for doing at work is especially challenging.

It’s only hard to do the job because of the politics, the stupid rules and the dark, fearful energy that flows throughout the workplace and bogs everyone down. A broken culture makes everything else harder, from organizing projects to getting critical approvals to move your work forward.

There’s no reason for your work to be so hard. Your company’s toxic culture is to blame. It is sludge in your engine that slows down the gears and eventually corrodes them.

The job itself would be a snap if the culture were healthy, but it’s not. Too many smart and capable people end up leaving their jobs not because of the work itself or the compensation plan, but because they were tired of pushing a rock uphill every working day. Continue reading Ten Unmistakable Signs Of A Toxic Culture