Alternate to YouTube is available

The free market has come up with an answer to the issue of YouTube’s censorship and control by using blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency STEEM as a database which can’t be censored and it enables earning rewards from your uploads.! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Adrien M. the creator of about his new platform and how this new decentralized video sharing platform could potentially be the nail in the coffin for Google’s most popular website, YouTube.

Matthew ConclusionGood news those who fed up with google and You Tube censorship and they would want to find an alternate You Tube and Google and here the link below

Alternative to Google search engine: Start Page Which I been using it for 5 years now. With Start Page you able search what you like search privately and they don’t record your IP address.
Alternative to You Tube: D Tube Which only just found out today. the link is there if you want to check it out

I’ll say that “D Tube might become the new you Tube because the like You Tube is censoring video because it’s not politically correct and it doesn’t fit will the leftist view points; of cause truth never politically correct.
Reason why I share this because I believe you have the right to know and speak you mind even if people choose to take an offense.