Refugee that are not Refugee

Source:Eco Liberty
Date: 15 June 2017
Author: Matthew Miller
Hello there I decide to write about the refugee crisis which took me a long time to get my head about this topic. As I watch the mainstream news about the refugee and migrant crisis I see some woman and child just try to make it like a refugee. As I did more research about the refugee and migrant crisis, watch youtube video about the refugee and migrant crisis. Why you should not believe in the mainstream media when they talk about the refugee crisis and there is many reason why.

It was planned by the Elites: George Soros and other elites planned it to create a crisis to bring forth chaos and he invested up to 500 million US dollars to help refugee.
They’re Muslin Solders to bring Islamization: They’re did not move to Europe for a comfortable life. They move to Europe to being Islamization and Sharia Law as well Chaos. A video below about a Persian/America girl talking about that refugees that are not refugees but Muslin Soldier

This woman from Iran decide to flee the country because of Sharia Law to live in a country free from religious tyranny and be able to believe a religions that she chooses. There is many news articles and video on you tube about this topic do prove her point.
Most of the Refugees are men: A survey conducted by Pew Research Center shows that the 1.3 million asylum seekers that entered Europe in 2015 are overwhelmingly male– not widows and orphans as President Barack Obama claimed last year. From the Daily Mail Even the United Nations admit that most of Syrian refugees are Question you should ask yourself “Why the most of the refugee are men?”
Many Refugees are from multiples of countries: Many mainstream media tell you that all Refugees are Syrian but this is further from the truth were refugee who from like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Sedan, etc.
Women are getting raped by refugees: Especially in European countries that accepted refugees without first vetting them which means going through background checks like Sweden, Germany, and any other European countries that accept refugee without first vetting them. When Sweden started accepting refugee and illegal migrant without first vetting them just because they don’t want be seen Racists or Xenophobic; even if the country have to suffer for keeping their boarders open and Sweden became the rape capital of Europe just trying not to be seen Racists or Xenophobic by sacrificing the safety and security of their country. Angela Merkel’s refugee policy is turning Germany into a disaster looking more like Sweden. And Emmanuel Macorn who was recently elected as President of France; he also for open-boarders and is pro-EU, pro-refugee which bring more hell into France. No wonder Donald Trump issues Travel ban to disallow people from terror prone nations like Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen; just to protest America and not end up like Europe.
Poor Hygienic Practices from Refugee The refugee heading to Europe have from very little to no regard of cleanness; like leaving trash behind and open defecation which will cause the spread of disease from refugees as well infestation of mice, rats and cockroaches

My Conclusion I hate to say it and I also hate to about write about it. I write because people be inform about Elite plan to create a crisis in Europe by being muslin soldier as refugee as disguise to bring forth chaos and Islamization that not going to benefit Europe but destroy the countries. For me I’m not against migration and foreign; I fact many of them are nice people who want to travel and experience the culture. people move to other country for many reasons which that based on push and pull factors like more opportunities and better change of marriage, desire to flee from tyranny and certain death. Those refugees are not fleeing from war and their reason to enter into Europe is not based on push and pull factor. They’re there to being Islamization into Europe and bring it to it’s knees. Less than 1 percent of the refugee population are willing or have seek asylum as well as seeking employment; they’re more likely to respect the country’s values and abiding to it’s laws. But with over 90 percent of the refugee population who there to bring Islamization into European countries and slowing no respect for country’s value and it’s laws. That why we have Borders to protect the country; that why Hungarian authorities built the border barrier to protect the country from the refugee who want to overwhelm and destroy the country. Now the EU commission fines members nation who don’t accept refugee but member nations like UK, Germany and Sweden that accept refugee suffer greatly and get higher crimes like rape, arson, assaults and vandal; it’s like the EU commission doesn’t care about their members state. Good news that European countries like Poland who reject refugee because they know refugee are there to bring Islamization and undermining it’s Christians values. Swedish people are waking up to the Refugee chaos in their country due to people’s fears and resentment toward the refugee that causing the chaos and they’re fed up with them. The article from slow that fewer and fewer people in Sweden are willing to help the refugee.
For me I may called “Xenophobic, Islamophobic and a Racist; just for speaking out against the refugee that wants to bring Islamization in Europe that never going to benefit but bring Europe down. Thing is I’m continue to write and cover article even if people choose take an offense because truth is never political corrected.

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