It’s no joke the next little ice age is on it’s way

Source: Eco Liberty
Date: 14 January 2017
Author: Matthew Miller: Founder and Blogger

While I was watching a you tube video about the oncoming little ice age below

Reason why the next little ice age is very likely due to low solar activity, In 2016 the number of spotless days on the sun is 32; In 2017 it only been 14 day and the number of spotless days is 10 and through 2017 there going to be a lot more spotless than 2016 because Solar Cycle 24 is coming a close and in the solar cycle the sun going to be less active than the last cycle so we would enter a new solar minimum when the sun activity is low. Can look up on Space Weather to see the solar activity.

When the little ice age occur this century the agriculture, food supply, world economy is going to get hit hard. That why extremely important why should prepare for the oncoming little ice age also extremely for the community to get together and help each other survive; now it’s not the time to be complacent, time of complacence is over. It that doesn’t get to think; look up on the Great Famine 1315 to 1317 in Europe which resulted when the world enter into a cooling trend after the medieval warm period. When Great Famine in 1315 occur which result in massive crime wave, disease, mass death and even cannibalism and infanticide.

But good news that we have technology that help us survive and thrive during the next little age by cheating nature by having a hydroponics system growing under artificial lightening; but it gets better with the aquaponics system when fish in the reservoirs outputs feces or pee which is use to be convert to nutrient for the plant to uptake. The agriculture above 40 to 50 degree latitude will become very difficult to near impossible livestock would be spending several months  indoors during winter. Back in the 1300s people don’t have technology to cheat nature so have go with what nature throws at and it was brutal.

The mainstream media will tell you about the oncoming little ice age but they keep scaring about the global warming or climate change scare and we are to be blame.I know that the global warming and climate change is to used to scare us into submission by Marxist to push for One World Government. So there no need to believe in the scare it all about stopping Capitalism and leftist use the environment as an excuse to push of new laws to passed for their political agenda.

So let prepare ourselves for the oncoming little ice age and let our species thrive.