10 Reasons why you should reject the animal Rights Movement and its Ideology

Main Source: Eco Liberty
Date: 10 October 2016
Author: Matthew Miller

This insane animal rights activist telling us wearing fur is bad.

When I written 10 reasons why you must not believe in Climate Alarmism because it anti-freedom and support tyranny. And I when post on Facebook the left-wingers were not happy about me posting that article because I was undermining and challenging the Climate Movement. The Left-wings and Climate Alarmist hate people who disagree with their movement as well they do not like debates. With their intolerant which that call bigotry Now I writing about the Animal Right movement and what wrong with the movement and why should reject the movement. Reason I why decide to undermine the Animal Right movement same way why I like to undermine the climate movement same way Climate Skeptics do.

Just because a lot people join the movement does not mean you should join in movement as well. In a fact joining the Animal Rights movement and accepting the ideology without question is the dumbest thing you ever did for yourself. Why you must do everything in your power to say “No” and reject the Animal Rights; off cause the activist will try to use peer peruse to get you to join their band wagon and watch their propaganda film which that is effective way to get to join in the movement. That why I refuse to watch the Cowspircay documentary (which is a propaganda film created by the animal right activist to attack the dairy industry or any form of animal husbandry. They use Climate Change as a problem as an excuse to bring forth Dairy deindustrialization.) or any other documentaries that promotes the Animal Rights and Climate movement agenda.

Here Reasons why you must reject the Animal Rights Ideology

  1. They Believe that Animals should have equal rights with humans. The Animal rights activist believe that animals should have equal right with humans. That means that animal should not be owns by any humans even as pets. They believe that animals should be left alone and remain out of contact of humans; even if the human want to help the animal. Throughout Human history; Humans always been bonded with animals for whatever purpose. Animal Rights agenda is to break our bond with animals
  2. They put animals above humans. Animals rights activist believe in anti-human ideology. They tell us that “when a human baby is born that the baby is less value of a dog, a pig, a chimpanzee” which is quoted by Peter Singer. That ideology come from Darwin which he quoted “That human are animals” that means human being are not special which that undermine Human Dignity. I’ll say that Darwin and Peter Singer were nut case because they undermine human dignity.
  3. They use the Environment and Climate Change to push their agenda. When you want to push an agenda firstly either find or create a problem then people react to the problem then people demand solution to the problem. Problem, Reaction and Solution. Once Animal Right Activist discover that Climate Change being a threat to the planet they would say “Climate Change a threat to the planet. Cool we can use that to push our agenda” that what they doing. The solution the Animal Rights activist offer “Go Vegan” as well as deindustrialization of the dairy industry and any form of animal husbandry.
  4. They don’t encourage better stewardship for animals and the environment. Animal Rights activist support total liberation. Animal Liberation Front have been known to break in factories and research lab to steal the animals and damage property either vandal or arson. The Animal Liberation Front been doing that since the book Animal Liberation by Peter Singer was published. The Animal Liberation Front will break into either zoos, factories, research lab and more; no matter how well the animal is treated and how suitable environment is for the animal. That why Animal Rights activists don’t encourage Animal Welfare which is human’s duty to do for the animal. Animal Rights activist support the deindustrialization of the dairy industry and any form of animal husbandry. Of cause they will tell you the problem of pollution but they don’t encourage better stewardship of the environment because it’s not of their agenda.
  5. They want animals off the menu. The Animal Rights Activist and Vegan Extremist will tell you that “Meat is murder” in a way to make you feel guilty of eating meat. They not only want people to stop consuming meat but also other animal products like eggs. The United Nation suggest that meat should to be taxed to make meat too expensive to force people to go vegan. Power to Tax is the power destroy. Same way the UK labour party suggest that meat eaters should be treated like smoker. In New Zealand the animal rights activist hopefully to turn New Zealand in a Veganarchy by 2050. Control the food and you control the people.
  6. They support tyranny not freedom. Freedoms that Animal Rights activist support for, is for the animals not for humans. They want to create a Veganarchy totalitarian were that consuming meat and any other product will be made forbidden as well as owning animals for any purpose will be made forbidden. First animal rights legislation was passed in Nazi Germany in the early 1930s if you get caught of mishandling animals you get send to a concentration camp. The Animal rights activist today would want way further what Hitler have archived in Nazi Germany with animal rights.
  7. Endangers the human race. It’s been known that Vitamin B12 definitely can lead to death if remain unresolved. Because Vitamin B12 can only be find in Animal Product and there been claims about algae and seaweed containing Vitamin B12 but did it contain Vitamin B12. Why Vitamin B12 is important for human health? Vitamin B12 is crucial in the formation of red blood cells, brain function, and DNA synthesis. Without it, you could face a whole host of problems. And yet, it’s suspected that many vegans and vegetarians are deficient in this crucial vitamin. However, there are things that you can do to ensure you are getting enough of this water soluble vitamin. And it okay to go either vegetarian or vegan for a brief period of time then go back to consuming meat again to ensure you get enough Vitamin B12. That why having consuming animal product to be made illegal and forbidden will not only taken away the freedom to consuming animal product be damaging to human’s health over time. That is the danger of a Veganarchy totalitarian
  8. Endangers the Economy. Animal Agriculture is essential to many countries economy, like United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, and many more countries that depends on Animal Agriculture for their economy. It provides jobs, income and food for the population. Having the Animal Agriculture deindustrialized will hurt the economy for those countries and put people out of work. But the Animal Rights activist want the animal agriculture to be deindustrialized in the name of saving the planet and Nature rights.
  9. Breaking our connection with the animals. When owning animals or intervening and helping animals become illegal and forbidden will break our connection and bond with animals and nature. Throughout human history they always have a connection with animals and nature.
  10. It becoming a religion. Is Animal rights activism is becoming or already became religion? You can look at the world religion like Christianity for example. Religion dogma is made with eccentric rules also put in an idea of a bogey man to get people to abide to the religious rules. But with Climate and Animal Rights activism they use the environment and climate change as fear to get people to accept it and join their band wagon. They don’t need to use a bogey man as fear to get people to accept The Climate and Animal Rights dogma; because they use the environment and climate change as fear. Fear is an effective tool get people to become sheep like. That why they create film to push their agenda because film documentaries are powerful and effective. It’s a part of a one world religion; it would be religion of nature rights and animal rights; the people will be made to worship Gaia the Greek Goddess the old God becomes new.

I discuss the 10 reasons why you must reject the animal rights movement and its ideology. I believe that animal rights activist will continue push their propaganda in films, media, magazine, and the internet; they will lobby government to passed laws to promote their agenda. The book Animal Revolution by Richard D Ryder and Animal Liberation by Peter Singer and both descried the word “Speciesism” and what does that word mean?

Word Spe-cies-ism say from the dictionary

Prejudice or discrimination based on species; especially discrimination against animals.

The assumption of human superiority on which speciesism is based.

As Human being it is time to stand up against the Animal Rights Activist and tell “enough with the madness”. But it will not be easy because they will not roll over in defeat. All we can to get people to recognise the evil in the animal right movement and once people recognise the evil and lies in the animal rights movement people will reject it. Expose the problems they use to push agenda; which they use the Environment and Climate Change as an excuse. We know that Climate Change is not a real issue and there some environment that can be solved like deforestation, pollution, soil erosion, landfills, etc. But the animal rights activist doesn’t want solution to the environment issue; they want to use it as an excuse to push their agenda and only solution they want is deindustrialization of animal agriculture and abolition of animal ownership. They don’t enough people to better stewards for animal and for environment; because it not of their agenda; because they want Climate Change and environment to be problem so they can continue to push their agenda.  Once the problem they’re using is expose; the movement would be shattered. Recognising the agenda and tactics that the animal rights use is the try to defeat the movement but knowing the agenda and tactics is only the half battle. Speaking out, letting your family and friend know about the animal rights and their agenda is key to defeat the movement. More the people who avoids or leave the animal rights and climate activism movement better off the planet would be.

Matthew’s Conclusion: I am dedicated for life to defeating the lies and misinformation the Climate and Animal Rights activists use to push their agenda. Eco Liberty is about me giving out information to promoting news and idea to about real environmental issues and ways to solving the issues. But there a movement to pushes anti free market, anti-capitalism, anti-freedom; like the socialist, feminist, climate, animal rights movement; which they use lies and disinformation to push their agenda.  But Eco Liberty promotes Free Market Capitalism, Animal Welfare, Free Energy Technology, Better stewardship for the environment, Human welfare and dignity.

When I put up the pro animal warfare and anti-animal rights image on Facebook I got attacked me by someone putting nasty memes on photos by copying my photos from my Facebook profile page because I refuse to watch the Cowsirpacy Documentary, believe in Animal Rights, stop eating meat, go vegan. Also I been call a “conspiracy theorist” for not believing in manmade global warming. That the thing the left-wing people do if you disagree with them. For me I rather to be call names and bullied than being a part either of Climate and Animal Rights movement because it’s nothing more unsatisfying to part of the left-wing movement and believe in their misinformation and lies.

That why I’m going to continue speaking out against the Animal Right, the Climate Change scare, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, the anti-human movement; because they promote anti freedom and pro tyranny agendas. And fighting the information war.






2 thoughts on “10 Reasons why you should reject the animal Rights Movement and its Ideology”

  1. Hi Matthew,

    The most concise way to rebutt this blogpost: the accusations that animal lovers are mean and refuse debate……BUT then you go on to refuse to review highly popular documentaries (Cowspiracy) because they counter your current point of view? You won’t possibly even see someone’s different way of thinking, just write about it without even viewing a single example?

    On meanness, you started off by calling people who don’t want to hurt animals “insane”?

    “This insane animal rights activist telling us wearing fur is bad.”

    “The Left-wings and Climate Alarmist hate people who disagree with their movement as well they do not like debates.”

    ” Why you must do everything in your power to say “No” and reject the Animal Rights; off cause the activist will try to use peer peruse to get you to join their band wagon and watch their propaganda film which that is effective way to get to join in the movement. That why I refuse to watch the Cowspircay documentary…”

    “ll say that Darwin and Peter Singer were nut case because they undermine human dignity”

    As more and more of New Zealand chooses to learn more about respect for animals, more and more kiwis are going vegan. It’s boom times ahead for veganism, for animal rights.

    Vegan activists are working throughout New Zealand to help animals in need.

    Best wishes Matthew

    Jordan Wyatt
    Invercargill Vegan Society

  2. You do not seem to understand animal rights activists or the movement.

    1. We encourage people to help animals, that does not to include or encourage the continued breeding, exploiting, killing or using of animals in any way that is selfish and or unnecessary. Animals are individuals who like us, deserve the rights to their own bodies, offspring, freedom and safety but I would not call that ‘equal rights’ because we won’t be protesting on their behalf to drive cars, own houses or anything unique to the human experience that animals do not need or want.

    2. One person does not represent an entire movement, using a single persons quotes within a large movement is cherry picking to suit your own agenda and bias. Not only don’t we all agree with each other on every issue, point or with prominent figures within the movement but generally speaking animal rights activists do not value one life over another, human or otherwise. Simply put we no longer accept that animals are lesser beings and that in no way means we believe they are superior or interior to us, only different.

    3. Climate change and environmental issues effect animals and humans a like, the causes itersect . A lot of animal rights activists were environmental activists first, care about both or see the two issues as connected and equally as important. It’s no secret that animal agriculture is the greatest environmental threat to our future as a species and every other animal on the planet. To disagree with the words leading experts and scientists on global warming and the issues surrounding it, is willfully and blatantly ignorant.

    4. Animal rights activists exist on a spectrum, we are diverse group of people and we don’t all come to the same conclusions, we don’t all believe in one way to go about change and or take the same activust actions. You cannot lump all of us together and we have no leader. In saying that, we all do what we believe is the best way to create change, while some may choose to lead by example, hold silent vigils and show the public footage of slaughterhouse videos while others may take more extreme measures- not unlike many social justice movements throughout history.

    5. Yes, we want people to stop exploiting and killing animals as it is unethical to unnecessarily do to animals which we would not condone doing to human beings, the reason being is that animals, like us, are sentient beings, they are capable of suffering emotionally, mentally and physically. The UK labour party have different reasons for pressuring the public to adopt a plant based lifestyle and that is for for health and to create a sustainable future which is crucial to the well-being and survival of our species.

    6. Animals do not exist for human beings any more than women exist for men or black people exist for white people. Giving animals rights is not taking away the rights of human beings, it is undoing a great injustice and putting a stop to unethical practices. Human beings will not suffer for these changes. Throughout history when ever a movement is trying to change what is considered socially acceptable by giving rights to the oppressed, the privileged group has claimed to be the real victim and made arguments as to why that takes away their freedoms. We are not affiliated with the Nazis in any way shape or form. Just like many awful people have been non-vegans there is not necessarily a connection between the two. There is plenty of assumptions and rumours about Hitler and no one can be certain what the truth was about his views on animal rights and or his diet. But we do know that alot of what he did was to keep people on his side, he manipulated the public, lied often, and offered wealth to his army including feasts fit for royalty which was a large part of why he allowed his men to take animals off of the common people. Almost all famously terrible people throughout history have been non-vegans and it would make as much sense to compare their diets and the way they viewed animals to their deeds, as it would animal rights to Hitler. Maybe it would even make more sense given their lack of critical thought and ethics. However there has been a significant amount of famous scientists and geniuses who have influenced the world we live in today that ate plant based diets and advocated on behalf of animals.

    7. B12 is important but it doesn’t come from animals, it comes from bacteria- from the soil. Animals can and often do become B12 deficient, with soil depletion we are all at risk of a deficiency and that is why most of the time animals need to be supplemented with B12. Most non-vegans are getting their B12 second hand from the supplements that animals are given, where as vegans are directly taking a supplement or eating from fortified foods. Also B12 deficiency is just as common in vegans as non-vegans who do not supplement, according to leading health professionals who are experts on the matter.

    8. The economy is in danger as long as it relies on animal agriculture because it is unsustainable. The planet does not have an infinite amount of resources to continue putting more in than what we can get out. We would be better off transitioning over to sustainable business practices, people can become skilled in horticulture and we would prosper for it in many ways. Throughout history when a business model becomes outdated we have transitioned to more efficient one and there is no use trying to hold onto the old ways for fear of the new. There will have to be an adjustment period but there is no reason to believe we would be worst off for it when there is more than adequate proof that we cannot logically continue on this path of destruction.

    9. We will never aim to forbid humans from peaceful interaction with animals and or helping them. The bond humans beings have with animals and nature should not depend on taking their freedom away on a permanent basis and for selfish reasons, exploiting and killing them. We can enjoy animals without harming them, this includes helping them, looking at them and having a relationship with them if they are friendly. Instead of viewing and treating them as commodities and objects we aim for society to treat them with respect and kindness.

    10. Veganism is not based on dogmatic beliefs and rules any more than non-veganism. We are a diverse group of people that come from all walks of life, some of us very slowly became vegan by not agreeing with the status quo and gradually learning about environmental issues, animal welfare or animal agriculture in general while others made more hasty changes after seeing one video or heard one person speak on the matter of animal rights. Religion is based on something that cannot be proven by science, nutritionally we have scientifically proven plant based diets are healthier and that we will live longer as a result we have scientifically proven the effect animals agriculture is having on the planet, we have scientifically proven that animals are sentient and that is at the very core of animal rights, that animals have awareness, experience pain and suffering.

    Here is what really strikes me as ironic, you claim we are like sheep but we are a small minority which are often on the recieving end of a lot of hate and ignorance, it would be much easier for us to have continued to follow the status quo and the majority, to not adjust our views based on new evidence, to not change our lifestyles to align with our ethics and conscience. Vegans are constantly trying to do and be better human beings, cause the least amount of harm possible and challenge ourselves. The vast majority of us fight for human rights as well as animal rights but here is where we differ, we do not view animals as objects that we can own and treat however we please, that is not or at least should not be considered a human right- it is an abuse of power, it is dominance and control over others. We all grew up being indoctrinated with the belief that animals are kess deserving of their freedom, bodies and lives than we are, that killing and eating them is unavoidable and that it’s just the way things are. But none of that is true, we have a choice and once you know that it becomes a matter of ethics.

    It is ironic that you would compare us to Nazis when you are trying to remain dominant over animals and view them as an inferior species for no other reason than the fact that they are not the same species as we are, kess intelligent, less powerful and we can over power them. As as species we have convinced ourselves that our trivial pleasures and habits are more important than their well-being and lives. Nazis made similar claims against fellow human beings and made similar statements to the arguments you have chosen here in this list.

    You cannot logically claim that vegans and animal rights advocates are closed minded while you refuse to educate yourself unbiasedly, refuse to believe the world’s leading experts on health and environmental issues. With rare exceptions- all vegans have been non-vegan, some have been slaughterhouse workers, butchers, dairy farmers or cane from an animal agriculture background and many have grown up on farms but you have never been vegan or an animal rights activist. So we have a much better understanding of you than you do of us.

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