New Zealand set to become an Veganarchy by 2050

Source:New Zealand Herald
Date: 13 September 2016
Author: Unknown

Image design by Matthew Miller. To show the logo of the vegan extremism and their political agenda in New Zealand.

Enjoy that steak while you can.

New Zealanders should be meat-free by 2050, says scientist Dr Mike Joy.

In a heated discussion on The Country radio show this afternoon, Dr Joy said there should be no animals in the food chain by 2050.

He made the point in a debate about water quality, the Havelock North crisis and whether intensive farming was to blame for the degradation of our waterways.

Dr Joy, a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science and Ecology at Massey University, and Waikato University Professor of Agri-business Jacqueline Rowarth went head to head on the issue in the debate chaired by The Country host Jamie Mackay.

When discussing the fencing of waterways and keeping stock away from streams and rivers, Dr Joy said animals should be out of the food chain by 2050 for other reasons too including climate change and energy transfer.

Professor Rowarth said there is no evidence intensive dairy farming caused the Havelock North water contamination crisis and that the solution lies with smarter feeding of cows and better systems to capture and utilise effluent and nitrogen run-off.

Concluded by Matthew Miller:

Animal rights and Climate activist are on fill swing of bringing the their agenda in to place to demonize and demoralize meat eating. The UN suggest that “Tax meat until it’s too expensive to eat” and the reason why I added ‘War on meat eater’ to the headline because there is a war waged against those who eat meat and it happen on a global basics. Why United Nation suggest that meat should be tax? because to force people to stop eating meat; same reason why packed of cigarette are taxed is to make people stop smoking.An article from the Independent say in the headline Meat-eaters should be treated like smokers, says the vegan shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy reveal a part of the animal rights agenda to scare people off from eating meat and will use the media push their Animal Rights and Veganarchy propaganda. Animal rights and Climate activist been creating documentary to push their agenda by using problem, reaction and solution method; pollution and the environment is being used as excuse to push their agenda.
What can we do fight against the deception that the Animal Rights activists and the Vegan Extremist use? Firstly you need to acknowledge the evil behind the Animal Rights and their agenda. Secondly tell your friends, family and anyone you know. contact your council, politician, mayor.
When you speak out and get the message around against the Animal Rights to hinder their agenda and to destroy the Animal Rights movement and it ideology until the Animal Right movement will be nothing but a scorned and ignored movement.