The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism

Matthew Concludes: Yes I was told that Capitalism was evil and greed that why Socialism was the way forward; But is it? As I read though the article I found the Capitalism is a system that allows creativity thinking also the will to able to think for yourself. That why Capitalist countries prosper and grows because people are free to be what they please. While Socailism is a system that reward failure and punishes success also children in schools in socialist countries have think in a way the state want them to think which is call group think or collective thinking. Do you know that Group-think and Herd Morality is a enemy for free thinkers when we unconsciously follow the rhythm of the crowd. We wonder why people flee counties that is under socialist control and realize the joy and reward for escaping from socialist countries and experience the freedom in capitalist countries?

For me that why I’m for free market capitalism.

Watts Up With That?

Paul Driessen writes:

University of Delaware climatology professor (and amateur history buff) David Legates offers some fascinating insights into a persuasive socio-economic experiment. His analysis could provide handy intellectual ammunition for ongoing battles between free enterprise-oriented Republicans and committed socialists in the Democratic camp.

What if we could destroy a country’s political and economic fabric through a natural disaster – or a war – and then rebuild one half of it using capitalism as its base, while the other rebuilds on a socialist foundation? David wonders. Let the virtues of each system work their magic, and then see where the two new countries are after fifty years. Actually, he says, we’ve already performed The Experiment. It’s post-war Germany – and the outcome ought to end the debate over which system is better.

The Experiment:  Capitalism versus Socialism

What if we could have an experiment to compare the two systems?…

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The Oncoming E-Waste Hell

How are the west’s ‘recycled’ TVs and computers ending up in a toxic dump in Ghana? Dateline investigates the trade in e-waste which is poisoning a once picturesque part of Africa.

Matthew Concludes: “Disgusting!” only word I can say about the toxic dumping of E-Waste. Got any solutions to solving E-waste toxic problem let me know in the comments below.

Video: Hackers Control Tesla’s Brakes from 12 Miles (19.3 Kilometres) Away

Main Source: Infowars
Date: 20 September 2016
Author: Mikael Thalen

Tesla quickly patches first known remote attack against its vehicles

Hackers from a Chinese security research group have developed a new attack that allows a Tesla to be exploited remotely.

Members of Keen Lab Security, who released video of the new hack Monday, demonstrated the first known remote attack against several Tesla Model S versions. Continue reading Video: Hackers Control Tesla’s Brakes from 12 Miles (19.3 Kilometres) Away

The UK’s first food waste supermarket opens: in pictures

Main Source: Independent
Date: 22 September 2016
Author: Hazel Sheffield

The food is priced on a pay as you feel basis and has already helped desperate families to feed their children

The UK’s first food waste supermarket has opened in Pudsey, near Leeds.

Food waste campaigners from the Real Junk Food Project have opened “the warehouse”, a store on the Grangefield Industrial Estate. Customers are invited to shop for food thrown out by supermarkets and other businesses.

The food is priced on a “pay as you feel” basis and has already helped desperate families struggling to feed their children. Continue reading The UK’s first food waste supermarket opens: in pictures

Scientists Admit Fake Climate Change Predictions

Main Source: Infowars
Date: 20 September 2016
Author: Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Breaking news: Major climate science error exposed!

At the recent high-level climate change conference in London, a fundamental error in climate science was revealed for the first time. 

The much-vaunted “climate consensus” turns out to have been wrong all along.

At the London conference, 80 Professors, 60 Doctors of Science and 40 other experts, including Piers Corbyn, brother of Britain’s opposition leader, who has a first-class degree in Astrophysics, were shocked to learn that the error, first introduced a generation ago when climate scientists borrowed feedback math from electronic network analysis without really understanding it, is the reason for their exaggerated predictions of how much global warming Man may cause. Continue reading Scientists Admit Fake Climate Change Predictions

Philippines Rejects “Stupid” UN Climate Deal; Globalists Freak

Main Source:The New American
Date: 20 July 2016
Author: Alex Newman

Internationalists and climate alarmists are freaking out after the new president of the Philippines, firebrand Rodrigo Duterte (shown), blasted the controversial United Nations “climate” regime and vowed to ignore its restrictions on his nation. Now there is a full-blown global campaign to beat him into submission. Duterte’s explosive statements this week vowing not to honor what he called the UN’s “stupid” emissions demands, which he said were designed to “stifle us,” sparked major concerns among pro-UN types around the world that other governments might follow the island nation’s lead. Those concerns about a mass “Clexit” — national exits from the UN “climate” scheme — are probably justified. Continue reading Philippines Rejects “Stupid” UN Climate Deal; Globalists Freak

Bayer confirms Monsanto takeover with $66bn bid

Main Source:RT
Date: 14 September 2016
Author: Unknown

bayer-buys-monsantoGerman pharmaceuticals giant Bayer has agreed to buy American GMO company Monsanto for $128 a share. The acquisition values Monsanto’s equity at about $56 billion, but including debt, the deal is worth nearly $66 billion.

The deal is the largest corporate takeover in almost two decades for a German company.

The latest bid offered by Bayer is 22 percent above Monsanto’s closing price on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday. Continue reading Bayer confirms Monsanto takeover with $66bn bid

New Zealand set to become an Veganarchy by 2050

Source:New Zealand Herald
Date: 13 September 2016
Author: Unknown

Image design by Matthew Miller. To show the logo of the vegan extremism and their political agenda in New Zealand.

Enjoy that steak while you can.

New Zealanders should be meat-free by 2050, says scientist Dr Mike Joy.

In a heated discussion on The Country radio show this afternoon, Dr Joy said there should be no animals in the food chain by 2050.

He made the point in a debate about water quality, the Havelock North crisis and whether intensive farming was to blame for the degradation of our waterways. Continue reading New Zealand set to become an Veganarchy by 2050