New Zealand: Were pushing for Fluoride now Vaccines

Main Source: Eco Liberty
Date: 18 May 2016
Author: Matthew Miller (blogger and Founder of Eco Liberty)

As I was hear that the NZ government was silencing the anti-fluoride activist. Why the anti-fluoride activist was being silenced? When we have a corrupt government in power and they water supply being poisoned with fluoride add to our water supply and tell us it’s good for our teeth which the effect is the opposite.

Now I heard that schools in New Zealand are start look at vaccine records because and it children who don’t get vaccinated they were made say at home even it they’re healthy. This could cause child miss on something that want to learn at school. Also in Australia if children who are not vaccinated they would not be getting federal support money from their government. This call the “No Jab and no No Pay” In New Zealand the people began to wonder that they were being coerced into being vaccinated is that could the beginning of medical tyranny starting to come into New Zealand. All Kiwis got to do is not to open door for medical tyranny enter because they’re the dogs and they’re waiting to devour.

Here the two video I found on you tube