We’re being hustle about Climate Change

Are we being hustled? After a great turnout in Kalispell, Montana, for the one-night-only showing of “Climate Hustle”, viewers share their comments on the movie and answers to that question.

I also have a comment from the Eco Liberty founder Matthew Miller “I like have the documentary movie call Climate Hustle be shown in movie theater in New Zealand because many people in New Zealand are being deceived about climate change by scare propaganda in the mainstream media; like raising sea level, raising temperature, melting ice, CO2 levels. The Founder of Greenpeace tell you about climate change in the video below

The Climate Hustle need to shown in many first world nations to cause the Climate alarmism to fall and destroy the climate scare and many will think twice about allow the left-wing in power because once they’re on power they will want to stay in power. The Climate Alarmist hate people questioning about their view on climate change and will call people name and attack those who disagree about their views.

As human beings, free thinkers, climate skeptics we can overcome and win this information war over climate change.