The animal rights movement using the climate change scare to attack our rights to own animals for any purpose

Date: 10 March 2016
Author: Matthew Miller

After I took this photo. This picture shows what the animal rights movement pushing to tell us that “Animal Farming costing the Earth; save the planet go Vegan” Photo taken by Matthew Miller on his iphone.
We live in a world where have people how don’t care about other people. The animal rights movement are one the people who think we are no better than others animal. The animal rights movement is for removing our rights to own animals for any purpose. As it said from Wikipedia in the first paragraph

“The animal rights movement, sometimes called the animal liberation movement, animal personhood, or animal advocacy movement, is a social movement which seeks an end to the rigid moral and legal distinction drawn between human and non-human animals, an end to the status of animals as property, and an end to their use in the research, food, clothing, and entertainment industries.”

To end the use for research, food, clothing, and entertainment industries

As I said for the second time “the animal rights movement is for removing our human rights to be own animals for any purpose” which that is their agenda. And how they’re doing it? I found many documentary attacking dairy industries, factory farms, entertainment industries [like Rodeos, Circus and any form of entertainments], also our right to eat meat and any animal products. They are using the climate change scare to attack the dairy industries. Found out that the animal rights movement are using the environment as an excuse to attack the dairy industries and our right as humans to eat meat and the use of animal products. On Saturday 28 November 2015 In New Zealand I was at the Whangarei Farmer’s market and the animal rights organization call “SAFE” they were attacking the diary industries and meat eaters; and were using climate change and the environment as an excuse; they were at the markets as well. This is a worldwide issue and the animal rights movement is never about encouraging us to care for animal humanely; they don’t want owning animals and using them for any purpose. And the United Nation also agrees with animal rights movement and urges a global move to meat and dairy-free diet this was also from the Guardian. This is also part of the United Nation Agenda 21; get us off our land and put us into jammed pick cities and you will never be able to own animals not even a cat or a dog.

On 28 November 2016 I have taken 6 photo around the SAFE outreach in Whangarei New Zealand at the farmer market this is hard evidence what SAFE is pushing and attacking the dairy industry and animal farming; and using the Climate Change scare and the environment as a excuse

How can we fight this madness?

Firstly, we need to know and understand origin of the animal rights movement and their ideology. We need to reach out to people and inform them to let them know that there a war against our human rights; the animal rights are attacking our rights to own animals and use them for any purpose. Know the difference between Animal welfare and Animal rights. The animal welfare Council Website have a great example about animal welfare and animal rights.

Welfare vs. Rights

The issues surrounding the philosophies of animal rights and animal welfare are very familiar to those who utilize animals in industry, entertainment, sport or recreation. As society has migrated from our agricultural roots to a more urban existence, the importance of distinguishing between animal rights and animal welfare becomes paramount.


Animal Welfare, as defined by the American Veterinary Medical Association, is a human responsibility that encompasses all aspects of animal well-being, including proper housing, management, disease prevention and treatment, responsible care, humane handling, and, when necessary, humane euthanasia.

  • Animal welfare proponents seek to improve the treatment and well-being of animals.
  • Animal welfare proponents believe that humans can interact with animals in entertainment, industry, sport and recreation, and industry, but that the interaction should include provisions for the proper care and management for all animals involved.
  • Animal welfare proponents support self-regulation of animal sports, including rodeo, polo, three-day eventing, FFA competitions, horse racing, field trials and endurance riding.
  • Animal welfare groups utilize scientific evidence to base animal care and handling guidelines.


Animal Rights is a philosophical view that animals have rights similar or the same as humans. True animal rights proponents believe that humans do not have the right to use animals at all. Animal rights proponents wish to ban all use of animals by humans.

  • Animal rights proponents support laws and regulations that would prohibit rodeos, horse racing, circuses, hunting, life-saving medical research using animals, raising of livestock for food, petting zoos, marine parks, breeding of purebred pets and any use of animals for industry, entertainment, sport or recreation.
  • Animal rights proponents believe that violence, misinformation and publicity stunts are valid uses of funding donated to their tax-exempt organizations for the purpose of helping animals.
  • Arson, vandalism and assault are common tactics used by underground animal rights groups to further the animal rights cause. Groups such as the Animal Liberation Front, which have been classified as terrorist by the FBI, routinely use criminal activities to further their cause.


FBI has one thing right about Animal Rights being classified as terrorist which I agree about. Because the animal rights movement are attack the people right to eat meat and own animals for any purpose, not just because they attack people with hate mail, blackmail, violence, coercion to toward those who don’t along with the movement. Starting from the third paragraph in protect the harvest article Understanding the Animal Rights Movement – Part 1

“Under the cloak of ‘animal rights,’ an ideology was formed based on the idea of equality between animals and humans. These radicals hate that domestic animals exist and want the end of selective breeding and companion animals. They think animals should be left alone, we should all convert to veganism, and that utilizing them as a resource is immoral despite natural selection and man’s dominion. They want to end the human-animal relationship; they want to break our bond.

Take a look at this brief history of some major events in the animal rights movement. Keep in mind the patterns and changes in the movement’s popularity as we move to the evaluation of animal rights activists arguments.

One of the first animal rights philosophers and first individual to evaluate animal rights based on utilitarianism was Jeremy Bentham. In his Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, he states “the question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer? Why should the law refuse its protection to any sensitive being?… The time will come when humanity will extend its mantle over everything which breathes…” Another philosopher, Peter Singer, says that “If a being suffers there can be no moral justification for refusing to take that suffering into consideration. No matter what the nature of the being, the principle of equality requires that its suffering be counted equally with the like suffering—insofar as rough comparisons can be made—of any other being.” For both of these men, suffering is the main and only point of significance to their arguments, and they do little to consider the overall complexity of the situation.

Peter Singer released his book Animal Liberation in 1975. Popularizing Bentham’s ideas, Singer (inadvertently or not) convinced a small and naive portion of society to become activists for the animal rights fight to come. In 1976, the violent domestic terrorist group The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) was formed. They have destroyed property, stolen animals, and have employed violent methods such as arson to stop animal use. In 1979, the Animal Legal Defense Fund was created to fight the legislative battle for animal rights. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was created in 1980, their radical protest methods are well known, and they have given grants and money to groups like ALF. In 1982, the Farm Animal Reform Movement was formed, an organization best known for their fictitious grassroots campaign. It is easy to see the flood of extremist groups which turned the industry away from animal advocacy and into a lucrative animal rights industry filled with violence and corruption.”

Since the 1970 The Animal Liberation Front was formed and became radical or extreme animal rights movement just a year after Peter Singer book was released Animal Liberation. The animal rights ideology spread worldwide. Also Peter Singer advocate that we should go vegan because animal feels pain which found him speaking to Richard Dawkin on you tube. And the tile is “Singer on Animal Rights and Vegetarianism – Great Ideas of Science & Philosophy”. Animal Rights Zealotry Hates Animal Welfare which Wesley J Smith written on National Review website and the first three sentence said “Animal rights ideology seeks to end all domestication of animals. Animal welfare seeks to create ever-improving standards of animal husbandry. Animal rights sometimes hides behind animal welfare appeals–to gain funds and followers–but a true animal rightist HATES animal welfare because it presumes that we have the right to domesticate what used to be called beasts.” Wesley J Smith speak out about the animal right; he had written a few book about it “A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: The Human Cost of the Animal Rights Movement; and The War on Humans” and I have watch The War on Human Documentary which that on you tube and it a worth watching documentary because he covers the real issues about the animal right movement.

Time to get to solutions

We can be good human being and we can treat animal humanely also we should avoid any forms of extremism and here are ways to win the debate

Can any humans treat animals nicely and humanely? Yes
Can All Dairy, animal farms including factory farms be more environmentally friendly? Yes
Should all dairy and animal farm be shut down just because it can’t save the earth? No
Can eating meat be healthy? Yes (as long from grass fed cattle; unprocessed, free from harmful additives. Same thing with animal fed organically. Having well cooked, not overcooked
Should all people be coerced to become vegan? No
Should people have the right to own animals? Yes
Should people have the right to treat animal cruelty? No
When animal is very sick or badly injured that humane euthanasia if necessary will have to apply? Yes
Do animals seek shade when the day get too hot? Yes
Should all animals have a good environment to live in? Yes


We all human being can be good to animals. Animal Welfare about treating the animals humanely. With the Animal Rights is about human not being to own animals. Throughout history humans have always had a unique connection with animals – we use them as tools, for food, and companionship. Throughout history they have been important to our religion, protection, and medical rehabilitation. We have a bond with animals, an appreciation of their purpose and understanding of their needs along with our own. At the same time, they highly depend on us as well; we feed and take care of them, manage their populations, give them medical attention and shelter. We have a mutually beneficial relationship that is important to both us and the animals, and yet some wish for this to end.

The animal right movement is also in for destroying the economy. Because for the economy; people depend on animal farmers to raise cattle for milk, meats and leather; chicken for eggs and meat; sheep for wool and meat; goats for milk and meat. If the animal rights movement get their way and coerce people to go vegan it’s Katy bar the doors because they bring trouble and tyranny those who do go along with it. So people it time that we must say “no” to animal rights and say “yes” animal welfare. People in the animal rights movement; they got a mess up mind set they think are doing the right thing; in the fact it the opposite. We must use correct lexicon so that “animal rights” and “veganarchism” becomes a scorned and shunned movement–as it should. Once people recognize the evil in the animal rights movement and veganarchism; they will reject it and refuse to take part in the movement.

My Conclusion

Reason I write this article because the Animal rights movement and veganarchism are using climate change and the environment as an excuse to push their political agenda; this worry me. Because climate change is no issue because there has been no global warming for 19 years. And there are real environmental issue that we need to address; global warming and climate change is not one of the environmental issues.

I don’t mine people having their choice to be either vegetarian or vegan; I have meet few vegetarian and they were nice people to chat. I have try vegetarian food and they taste quiet good. One thing I don’t like about it is the extremism from of either vegetarianism and veganism. The animal right movement is advocating the veganarchism which that the extremism form of veganism. People are free to eat whatever they pleased as along they not going to bother with me and anyone else. Good news is there are people like Wesley J Smith speaking out against the animal right movements. As long we continuing speaking out and reaching out to people to inform them we can have victory.