10 Reasons why you should not believe in global warming and climate change alarmism

Matthew Miller EL founder and bloggerSource: Eco Liberty
Date: 18 February 2016
Author: Matthew Miller, Eco Liberty founder and blogger

It funny that people been told that the earth is warming and we to be blamed for all that warming and they believe it without question. And you been bought into the shame and panic that we are blame for the global warming of this planet. But is it true? Or is it a political movement for a political agenda; tyrannical governments in the past have use the environment as a excuse for their political agenda. Look like the environmental movement today is pushing for One World Government and doing through scientific fraud by tampering with data which they are recorded temperature throughout the centuries and decade; so it fit with their political agenda. This environmental political agenda is based the Marxist ideology which that doesn’t support for humankind throughout the world for a better world but bring in a one world totalitarian government which that total enslavement of all human beings throughout the world. Here 10 reasons you must do all in your power not to fall in and believe in the Global warming or Climate Change hypocrisy . And if you’ve were a believe and you just that all that Global warming and Climate change is not a problem I highly recommend you read this article further. But the alarmist would say “you’re a climate change denier.” Don’t listen to those climate alarmists they will try bully you and call you names but can ignore them or say “so what”

Here the 10 reasons

1 Climate change for dummies:

Since the earth was formed Climate Change been occurring everyday for 4.5 billion years according the evolution theory . There been periods that the earth climate was warmer than today and periods that the earth climate was colder than today; why is that? The sun the ball of fire is main driver of the climate throughout the solar system depending on the sun activity . When the sun is very active there will be warming throughout the solar system and when the sun is not active there will be cooling. Sun is the main driver of climate change not humans. It’s the sun stupid.

2 Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant:

Carbon dioxide is plant food; Carbon dioxide is what we as humans being we breathe out same way animals breathe out. Yes we all get can get too much of. People use Carbon dioxide generators inside their greenhouse to enhance the growth the plants and get better harvest. When I share a post to a few groups that I joined on Facebook but I lot of people sent out lies that Carbon Dioxide retards the plant’s growth which does the opposite. That another lie the left made up and fits in with the global warming scare. Problem is more they push the global warming scare and make up lies that fits in their agenda the more money the elites make. So people don’t feel guilty of breathing out Carbon dioxide and our carbon emissions.

3 Shames human beings for their activities:

a horrible thing the global warming or climate change alarmists do is make human being feel guilty for the damages we’re doing the earth climate: like driving petrol or diesel vehicles and emitting more Carbon dioxide. Another guilt they push onto people tell us that eating meat is bad for the environment and tell that we should go vegan,

4 Supports world depopulation:

the Global warming and Climate change alarmists do support for world depopulation they telling us that having children is bad of the earth and there is too many people living on earth. For what global warming and climate change alarmists support is anti-human because they attack what it means to be human by telling that we’re as human the cancer of the planet. In today’s world there have laws passed especially the one China which is the one child policy

5 Set up as political movement:

the so call environmental movement to stop global warming or climate change is nothing but a political movement to bring a totalitarian government around the world through Agenda 21 which Agenda 21 plan was created by the United Nations in 1992. And who are the people who created the phony environmental movement by scarring about non problem issue which is climate change. Not only the climate movement has a political movement but becoming a religion basing on ideology that promotes intolerance, anti human also attack those who disagree on man made global warming. And now the climate alarmist are calling the climate skeptics to arrested that only; this show their intolerance and tell that their only one view point.

6 Not scientifically proven:

as you do more research and found that the man made global warming theory doesn’t fit with the data. The IPCC models is why far from observed data. The great global warming swindle show most of proof that the man made global warming doesn’t fit with the observed data or with the climate history. People like Lord Christopher Monckton, Marc Morano, Anthony Watts and more are the people exposed the global warming by been given data by scientists [who don’t agree or believe in man made global warming] or people run the satellite to record temperatures on earth.

  • Ice mass: As I check the data the global mass and found in September 2014 when Antarctic Ice Mass reach record level and the mainstream will not cover because they will panic me about melting ice mass which that only occur when summer approaching then and winter approaching the ice mass grows again.
  • The satellite data show that there been no global warming in the past 18 years

Website that I recommend you to visit

7 They do more harm than good to the environment:

scientists who believe in the man made global warming say that Engineering the climate will help to stop climate change. By spraying tons aluminum in the air to re sun Ray back into space but as aluminum fall back to earth and end up in soil and damaging the ecosystem; and in people’s water supply and affecting people’s health. As I looking in Geo Engineering and I found that why planes spraying in the sky and leave a trail behind that last a hour or more and become a artificial cloud and some people call it Chemtrials and what is chemtrials?
Chemtrailing is the publics term for the CLASSIFIED ONGOING artificial modification of Earths climate systems using reflective nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. From Geo Engineering watch.org
Here three link the website that I recommend you to visit the those website
bird killed by wind turbineOther harmful ideology the climate change alarmist cause the killing the rare bird in Scotland by the wind power arrays and tidal power that kills fish. I believe that Geo Engineering should be stop because playing with nature in attend just to global warming is just going too far; that wind turbines that kill birds and tidal turbine that kills fish should be shutdown and no more to be build more to be said in Support unreliable source of electricity.

8 They Support unreliable source of electricity

tell that power plants that use fossil fuel is bad for the planet because it because makes lot of pollination. Pollination from power plants that use fossil fuel use to be a real issue until there was technology that make power plants that use fossil fuel cleaner and the only emission that comes of the power plant is carbon dioxide and water. A power plant that use fossil fuel is a reliable source of electricity. Unlike wind power that depend on wind for power is not a reliable source because wind speed do change. Solar power is a better way to get power but you only get power when the sun is shining; that why solar power is not reliable on a large scale. And if you want to have house running on solar power off gird and it’s something you can you do for own area. Having solar power to run a large scale is not a reliable way to provide electricity at industrial scale

9 Support Deindustrialization and hinder human process

While all the climate alarmist look for is problem and the problem are just made up because it all about deindustrialization of the nation and to hinder human process. When the climate alarmist cannot find the problem they will make up a problem without finding the evidences. The climate change scare is about creating control and deindustrialize the nation through Carbon Tax and Emission Trading Scheme which they have nothing to about stopping pollination. The dairy industries were being attack by the climate alarmist and the animal rights movement by tell them that it’s cruel to animal and it makes to much CO2 and methane; rather than looking at the real issues and making the dairy industries a cleaner industry, they want don’t to do, they want to destroy the dairy because it all about deindustrialization that why they make documentaries like Cowspiracy is making know that diary farming is bad and get you to believe that diary farming need to be destroyed to save the earth. The Animal rights movement is now joined with the climate change movement and they also attack and shame people who eat meat because it support animal cruelly and they should go vegan to stop animal cruelly and save the planet. The climate change movement has nothing to do with saving the earth but is a political agenda to bring in deindustrialization and bring in a One World Government. Here two video about Alex Jones explaining why the climate change movement is about deindustrialization of America and other place across the world.

In Africa; people without electricity burn wood to cook their meals but the problem is that people live in home that don’t have proper wood burning stoves and chimneys; they breathe in the smoke and get sick from smoke related disease. In the The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie show the people in Africa could do better if they were allow use coal to get electricity but the green movement say we’re going to give solar or wind power to the people in Africa which is expensive and unreliable; and they cannot use coal for electricity. If all people in third world countries were given cheap and reliable energy that run on coal. Also been given proper wood burning stove and chimney for the smoke to escape so their home don’t get full with smoke; and they will start living better a better and healthy lifestyle. Industrializing the third nation will lift people out of poverty. The climate movement will bring and keep people in poverty

10 Anti Science

Science is about questioning and found out the answer to decide what is true and what is false. While the Climate Change movement is about disallowing people to question about climate change. I Hear on the internet that climate alarmist now want climate skeptics to be thrown in prison

Still want to keep believing the Global warming and Climate Change hypocrisy

If you’re a well-conditioned in the global warming and climate change alarmist and your reaction will be defensiveness which that all is part your conditioning to keep believing in the global warming and climate change superstition. The social conditioning is so amazing because it can get to people believe in the exact opposite of the truth. All you need is the courage to start thinking for yourself and question Climate change, Global Warming, Carbon Dioxide and start doing you research. The climate movement do not want you thinking for yourself; that why the climate movement will attack and shun any scientist and skeptics who don’t believe in man made global warming; this why because they’re scared of anyone know the real truth of climate change.
Not the climate movement has become a political movement but becoming a religion. The Climate Movement also promote the UN Agenda 21 also the the UN Agenda 2030 and to being in a One World Government.
This video tell about Lord Christopher Monckton talking about the UN Agenda 2030

Lord Christopher Monckton had breakdown what the phony environmental movement is about and why the Left wing hates democracy and freedom.

How can we defeat the Left wing movement and the Climate Alarmist movement?

First we must to recognize what the their agenda about. and we know it’s nothing do about saving the planet and making the world a better. The Left wing took over the mainstream media and what can we do to counter it? answer is to make our own media; just like me and the other is have made mine and in 2 years it reached 10,000 views and 7,000 visitors. Reason why I created Eco Liberty because I know that something going on in the world is just not right; it time to create website that going to get people the information the they needed, be inspired and educated also be free from ideology falsehood like the man made global warming ideology.

My Conclusion: For me I no scientist; just go and visit climate change skeptics websites, people like Lord Christopher Monckton, Marc Morano, Anthony Watts and more are the people exposed the global warming by been given data by scientists [who don’t agree or believe in man made global warming] or people run the satellite to record temperatures on earth; and these are the people that I follow up with.
We need to get together as climate change skeptic and attack the lies with truth. Thing the left wing and climate change alarmist are not going to give up easily. We must reach out to people tell them do worry about it because climate change is not an issue because climate always changes every day and climate change will never cease. So people let enjoy life because the scare is over.


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