Banana Girl “meat eaters don’t deserve to live, people should be forced to be vegan to save the planet.”

Date: 19 June 2015
Author: Cindy Tran for Daily Mail Australia

‘Meat eaters don’t deserve to live’: Diet ‘guru’ Freelee the Banana Girl claims ‘people should be forced to be vegan’ to save the planet

  • A YouTube diet ‘guru’ has claimed meat eaters ‘don’t deserve to live’
  • Freelee the Banana Girl is known for endorsing the so-called ‘raw until 4’ 
  • In her video, she slams educated people for eating animal products 
  • She claims people avoid becoming vegan but should ‘not have that option’
  • Her extreme views on meat eaters have come under fire on social media

She’s known for her controversial diet, which can see her eat nothing but 51 bananas and two kilograms of potatoes in a day while sticking to raw food until 4pm.

And self-proclaimed YouTube ‘diet guru’ Leanne Ratcliffe, also known as ‘Freelee the Banana Girl’, from Adelaide, South Australia, has now claimed meat

eaters ‘don’t deserve to live’.

The 35-year-old has previously drawn criticism for endorsing the so-called ‘raw until four’ style of eating – meaning she has no cooked meals until the evening and advocating a low processed food, low-fat and high-carbohydrate vegan diet.

But she takes her views a step further in her recent video, slamming educated people who ‘continue to eat meat and dairy’ every day despite knowing the ‘impact of their diet choices on the planet and animals’.

‘They know all the facts – they’ve been educated but they choose to continue eating animal products – whether they actually deserve to continue living?’ she claims.

‘And that might mean so extreme sounding to you and so dramatic but I’ve got to break it to you – we live in an extreme, dramatic world. There’s a lot of f***** up s*** going on.’

The social media diet star, who shared the video to more than 370,000 of her followers, took aim at animal cruelty, saying slaughterhouses ‘are still there regardless of you turning a blind eye to them.’

‘Animals are still having their fur ripped off their back. Animals are still having a*** electrocution. They’re still having their throats slit. Their skulls crushed,’ she said while posting graphic animal cruelty photographs along with her video.

‘Yes it’s negative. We need to bring attention to it to make a positive change. That’s what’s positive about the focus of animal rights activists and people who actually give a s*** about the planet.’

Freelee didn’t spare those closest to her, singling out family members who ‘continue to eat meat and dairy’ every day.

‘I love them very much but we are in this situation where drastic change needs to happen and people aren’t taking it f*****g seriously enough,’ she said.

‘If their position on the planet was threatened because of their dietary choices, they would change to vegan in a heartbeat. That’s the truth of the matter because it’s so f*****g easy to be vegan as well.

‘You shouldn’t have a choice. You should absolutely be forced to be vegan. The situation the planet is in – we cannot wait for you to get your f*****g s*** together. We cannot wait. The animals cannot wait.

‘As you can see I’m very passionate about this and do I want to kill people? No, I don’t want to kill people and yes, I was in that situation before where I didn’t know about the meat and dairy industry. I didn’t have a f*****g clue but I educated myself.

‘So there’s people who have educated themselves but they are like “I don’t feel like doing it right now. I knew a vegan once and they were a little bit weak and they couldn’t do this and that”.’

The health blogger continues ranting about people ‘looking for excuses’ to avoid becoming vegan and claims they should ‘not have that option’ to choose.

‘You just got to step the f*** up or you really don’t deserve to live on this planet.’

The video has had nearly 200,000 views but responses have been mixed, with some saying ‘you’re joking right?’ while others said: ‘This is a truly inspiring video’.

Adam Ghavi wrote: ‘So being vegan saves the entire world? Being vegan solves world hunger? Being vegan stops global warming? Being vegan makes world peace? No, it doesn’t.’

Kenobi58 said: ‘You need to make yourself a Ham sandwich and shut the f*** up.’

Tae Louey wrote: ‘If you want people going vegan saying they deserve to die if they don’t isn’t the way to go about it.’

Joey Ferracamma posted: ‘I absolutely love that you said this and support you 100%.’

Vegan Meets World said: ‘People should be forced to be vegan so 100% agree! This is the freelee I fell in love with when you started your channel!’

Others also pointed out that switching to a vegan diet may not be possible for all, with one writing ‘my friend said he can’t be vegan because he is diabetic – any input on that?’ and ‘how am I supposed to be vegan when I’m allergic to most fruits and some vegetables’.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Freelee the Banana Girl for comment.

My Conclusion: “I’m okay with people choice to go vegan and I meet and chat with people who are either vegetarian or vegan and they were nice to chat with. I just don’t the extremism form of vegetarianism or veganism; I’m disgusted on Banana girl’s view that meat eater don’t deserve to live on this planet and we should force go vegan to save planet. This a attack on our right to choose to eat meat and our right to be human beings. Leanne Ratcliffe the Banana Girl is free to eat what she please as long she didn’t go and shame people for eating meat what she now doing now. Even taking photo of himself in bikini and trying to be a model is not getting my attraction because her action doesn’t attract me and it shouldn’t. When you attack and shame people for their choose to eat meat; it will comes back on to you. Thing are already coming back on to the Banana Girl.
Remember people you free to continuing eating meat and a choice to go vegetarian or vegan and do not let those extreme lefts or vegans tell you otherwise.