Meat-eaters should be treated like smokers, says the vegan shadow environment secretary Kerry McCarthy

Main Source:Independent
Date: 24 September 2015
Author: Matt Dathan

Labour’s spokeswoman for the farming industry wants meat eaters to be targeted with public ad campaigns encouraging them to go vegetarian

Meat eaters should be treated in the same way as smokers and targeted with ad campaigns urging them to become vegetarians, according to Labour’s new spokeswoman for the farming industry.

Kerry McCarthy, who has admitted she is a “militant” vegan, was appointed shadow environment secretary in Jeremy Corbyn’s front-bench team, alarming countryside campaigners who warned that her veganism and strong opposition to hunting and the badger cull would harm Britain’s farming industry.

She said that although progress had been made to improve animal welfare, ultimately people needed to give up meat or dairy if they really wanted to protect animals.


A graphic image from the 2007 Department of Health anti-smoking campaign. Kerry McCarthy wants similar ads directed at meat-eaters to warn of the impact to animal welfare

Public campaigns, such as those warning of the dangers of smoking, should be used to encourage people to give up meat, Ms McCarthy said.

But her views were dismissed as “verging on the cranky” by the Countryside Alliance, who have warned Mr Corbyn that Ms McCarthy’s appointment has made distanced farmers even further from the Labour party.

Matthew concludes : This is a war of what you can eat. The animal rights movement now want put their propaganda on TV as ads to promote their agenda.