Large pantry is a preppers dreams

Source:Eco Liberty
Date: 21 January 2016
Author: Matthew Miller

The image on left show the prepper’s stock up shelves. look their pantry is massive and why is that? Before I start talking about; I going to talk about the house I move in New Zealand and I have pantry that is 2.6 meters ( 8ft, 6 in) by 1.8 meters (5ft, 11in) which that is good size pantry and here the photo I have taken below to show what the pantry look like.

The pantry is well done and look good; but there many preppers have pantry way bigger than the pantry I got my new house and they use their spare bedroom, garage, basement as their pantry or storeroom. They don’t use it to just to store food but to store their firearms, first aid kit and more.

The pantry I got has a empty corner which you can add extra shelf that you can buy at a hardware store when you need one. Which that a good thing to have a empty corner because you can put something what you decide to put there.
Why preppers are being call crazy?
Mostly non-preppers call preppers crazy because you have all that stuff; why you have all that stuff store? Natural Disaster do happen time to time like earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and more. And it’s paid to prepared for the worst and hope for the best. There are worse natural disaster than other that had occurred; so who is the crazy one? Ones who prepare for the worst or the ones who don’t prepare at all; and ones who are crazy are the non-prepare who choice to remain in their normalcy bias. what is a normalcy bias; normalcy bias is a mental state that people underestimate the outcome of a disaster they pretend that such event would never occur. Thing is most natural disaster are unpredictable and I been hearing the somebody been predicting that another disaster that will unfold; it not the natural disaster, but is the economic disaster; since the recession in 2008 many people still think nothing worse could ever happen. As I hear from many economic experts fear the worse could come; and I hear the Dow Jones index declined by over 1500 points in the last 10 in mid January 2016 and the worse is possible. Let not get so stuck it and disoriented about the oncoming economic collapse might occur in a year or two. But it doesn’t mean to go back the normalcy bias but think the possibility of a natural disaster. What type natural Disaster that your home prone to? How can get through when the natural disaster or economic disaster strike? Just don’t remain or go back into normalcy bias because the normalcy bias mindset a dangerous mindset to have because that mindset people thinks no disaster would ever happen and pretend everything is all good and nothing to worry about. I found a video on you tube “Survival Skills 101:Tip of the Day/ The Normalcy Bias”.

This video was worth watch because that person tell us some story and result of people who choice to remain in that dangerous mindset normalcy bias

My Conclusion: Preparing for the worse to come is commonsense. If you know likely hood of a disaster strike you would want do something about by preparing for the worse to come and it be foolish not preparing for the worse to come.
For me I want to do the very best what can I do when disaster strikes like a hurricane, tornado, floor, a economic cash, a government going bad; how can I prepare future and be ready for whatever comes like growing my own food and medicine; and to preserve food and store food correctly. Also how to safeguard myself