Large pantry is a preppers dreams

Source:Eco Liberty
Date: 21 January 2016
Author: Matthew Miller

The image on left show the prepper’s stock up shelves. look their pantry is massive and why is that? Before I start talking about; I going to talk about the house I move in New Zealand and I have pantry that is 2.6 meters ( 8ft, 6 in) by 1.8 meters (5ft, 11in) which that is good size pantry and here the photo I have taken below to show what the pantry look like.

The pantry is well done and look good; but there many preppers have pantry way bigger than the pantry I got my new house and they use their spare bedroom, garage, basement as their pantry or storeroom. They don’t use it to just to store food but to store their firearms, first aid kit and more. Continue reading Large pantry is a preppers dreams