Plan to Protect Flint’s Water Discovered

So many children have lead in their blood in Flint, Michigan a federal emergency has been declared.
Nearly two years ago, the cash-strapped city decided to switch the water supply from Detroit, to the notoriously filthy Flint River. In order to cut costs even further, the city opted against using an anti-corrosive agent. This resulted in the corrosive water eroding not only the iron water mains, but also the lead pipes leading into many homes in Flint.
Some presidential candidates are now using this as a political prop to appeal to race and class issues, however this isn’t the only manmade disaster created by the state. Negligence knows no boundaries.

Increased Carbon Dioxide enhances plankton growth as well as plant growth

Source: Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Date: 16 January 2016

Increased CO2 enhances plankton growth

Coccolithophores—tiny calcifying plants that are part of the foundation of the marine food web—have been increasing in relative abundance in the North Atlantic over the last 45 years, as carbon input into ocean waters has increased. Their relative abundance has increased 10 times, or by an order of magnitude, during this sampling period. This finding was diametrically opposed to what scientists had expected since coccolithophores make their plates out of calcium carbonate, which is becoming more difficult as the ocean becomes more acidic and pH is reduced. Continue reading Increased Carbon Dioxide enhances plankton growth as well as plant growth