We must defend our farmland and our food sovereign

Source: Eco Liberty
Date: 19 November 2015
Author: Matthew Miller, Founder and Blogger of Eco Liberty


Why we must defend our farmland and our food sovereign?

Food is extremity important for us as human being as well for animals. Both flora (plant life) and fauna (animal life) all require land to live in and roam about. For us as human being we use to land to live to grow foods and medicine to support our selves. We have government officials that want to pass laws to take away the individual’s right to have land, and to able our their own food and medicine to support themselves; because they think they know best that the government (Communism) or Corporations (Fascism) should be the ones they should be the only ones that they provide that public. This undermine the food and health security also our biodiversity; that will bring forth poverty, malnutrition, famine, sickness and disease to the people. People have the right to grow and produce food and medicine to support themselves and others. Governments our elected by the people to protect their rights not pass laws to undermine it.

Climate Change used as an excuse for more government power and land grab

Since 1992 in Rio in Brazil United Nation Earth Simit first meeting on Climate Change which that will be use a scarce to gain more power in governments cross the world and for the United Nation to establish a One World Government under the Agenda 21 plan. The Climate Change scarce will be use to deindustrialised the west and other parts across the world and tell us that are as human beings are blamed for global warming and rising sea levels; to bring in Carbon Taxes because Carbon Dioxide classified as a pollutant which is one of the most essential element for plant life on earth and as human being we all exhale Carbon Dioxide as we inhale Oxygen. In the Documentary “America Destroyed by Design” by Alex Jones to explain the United Nation land grab of the national parks in the United States of America under Executive Order 12986 that was establish by Bill Clinton while he was running as president in the United States of America. The Environment movement was taken over by the New World Order and use to establish a One World Government through land grabs, taxation, and deindustrialisation. Here the list of video worth watching on You Tube

  • “America Destroyed by Design” by Alex Jones
  • (UN) UNCED_ Earth Summit 1992 by George Hunt.
  • Agenda 21’s Globalist Death Plan for Humanity
  • Behind the Green Mask – Rosa Koire
  • Rosa Koire_ Agenda 21. Open Mind Conference 2013

To help to the know about the Agenda 21 and debunk the Climate Change myth

Environmental damage due to Genetic Modified Organism

The planting of Genetic Modified plants began in 1996. As years when on the Genetic Modified Plant began to do damages to the environment and alter the plant’s DNA when the GM plant pollen being blown by the wind to nearby plants. The Genetic Modified Plants created by altering the plant’s DNA to resist pest and the Round Ready Plants which were modified so the plant will not die when Round up was spray on to the Round Up Ready plants but kill weeds nearby in the same field. But that didn’t increase yields nor will help to feed the world and it was causing more harm than good to the world. But the Corporations like Monsanto that created Genetic Modified Organism was lusting for more money and power also push more Genetic Modified Organism on plants and other lifeforms; they want to have laws passed to prohibit GMO labelling and hinder nations form prohibiting GMOs. I found an article on Natural Society about the EU commission to pass a law to prohibit any member nation to prohibit GMO just what the Corporations wanted.

When Monsanto sell GMO Seed which known as terminator seed because the GM plant is harvested the seeds cannot be put into the soil and geminate and grow. Those seed are under Monsanto patent even if brought their seeds with your own money but you still don’t own them. When you sign into the Monsanto stewardship contract you have do to what the stewardship say and when the seed fail to geminate and you brought more even that the GM seeds still don’t geminate which this will cause the farmer to go into debt. Farmer in India started using GM seed to hoping for better yields which turnout to be the opposite and cause more Indian farmer to go into debt because the GM seeds fail to geminate which lead to Indian farmer committing suicide on average of every 30 minutes, also the Indian farmer normally let the livestock eat the corps after they been harvest and when the livestock feed on the GM plant that on planted in the farms in India died after eating the GM plant. Monsanto have no empathy about how many Indian farmer go into debt and later commit suicide; and how many livestock die after feeding on GE plants. The Documentary video “Genetic Roulette” and “The World According to Monsanto GMO Documentary” exposes the dangers Genetic Modified Organism and majorly undermining our food sovereign and the environment.

Farmland bring sold to foreigners

In Australia and New Zealand around 10 or more percent of their land being sole to China. Normally you have to become a citizen to the country to own large amount of land by obtain a citizenship and there are certain requirement to be met to be become a citizen to the country. Landownership is power because whoever own the land, decide what they can to do with it. In the past war is fought over land but the Australia and New Zealand government are just given the land to the Chinese; Like the largest and oldest Dairy Farm “190-year-old Van Diemen’s Land Company (VDL)” in Tasmania in Australia was sole to a Chinese owner Herman Shao-ming Hu and Kenny Zhang for 220 Million Dollars. This is insanity; and Australia and New Zealand are not the only nations that sell farmland to foreigners. People are beginning to find out that farmland being sole to foreigners is just wrong; there was a protest in Poland to prevent farm being sole to foreigners by blocking them and 11 was arrested. Reason people in Poland are protesting because they’re fed up with the farmland being sole to foreigners thought out-of-control and reckless sale of Polish farmland.

Tran Pacific Partnership

The Tran Pacific Partnership deal which the mainstream media like to call it “trade deals or agreements” which most of the TPP deals have nothing to do with trade. But allow the Big Corporations to have the ability to sue governments of any country who sign into the TPP deal which that puts the Corporations above the law. When Corporations are above the law they will do anything they pleased including causing harm to people and environment. This also remove the individual right to own farmland, that individual rights well be transferred to corporations.

My Conclusion

As I cover about the Climate Change use as an excuse for land grab, Genetic Modified Organism doing major damages to the environment, Farmland bring sold to foreigners; we see the reason that our property rights is under attack because there are people who do not care about other people and they do not care about progress of the human race. That we must defend our properly rights, our farmland and defeat the Climate Hoax, Monsanto, Agenda 21; and the foreigners have to become a citizen of the country to be able to buy land in the country. Governments and Businesses should be separate so Government can neither progress nor hinder businesses; and Businesses and Corporations cannot lobby the government to gain power and should be allow to go bankrupt and cannot be bailed out; businesses and corporations should be able do what they want as long they are compliant to the law.