We must defend our farmland and our food sovereign

Source: Eco Liberty
Date: 19 November 2015
Author: Matthew Miller, Founder and Blogger of Eco Liberty


Why we must defend our farmland and our food sovereign?

Food is extremity important for us as human being as well for animals. Both flora (plant life) and fauna (animal life) all require land to live in and roam about. For us as human being we use to land to live to grow foods and medicine to support our selves. We have government officials that want to pass laws to take away the individual’s right to have land, and to able our their own food and medicine to support themselves; because they think they know best that the government (Communism) or Corporations (Fascism) should be the ones they should be the only ones that they provide that public. This undermine the food and health security also our biodiversity; that will bring forth poverty, malnutrition, famine, sickness and disease to the people. People have the right to grow and produce food and medicine to support themselves and others. Governments our elected by the people to protect their rights not pass laws to undermine it. Continue reading We must defend our farmland and our food sovereign

The Dalai Lama Tells The World That Simply Praying Is Not The Answer For Paris

Source:Collective Evolution
Date: 17 November 2015
Author: Rajie Kabli

You may be thinking, Pray for Paris is a perfectly kind and compassionate phrase of support, and it is, but did you ever stop to seriously think about it? The Dalai Lama did and had some sensible advice for people, imploring them to not pray for Paris, but work for peace. He told this to German broadcaster Deutsche Welle in a recent interview. Besides the play on words…pray for Paris asks God to fix a problem humans created.

“We cannot solve this problem only through prayers. I am a Buddhist and I believe in praying. But humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. God would say, solve it yourself because you created it in the first place.”

He goes on to say more wise words by cutting through layers of squabbling and stating that a systematic approach is needed to uphold humanistic values.  So, what do we actually value? We being the collective.  Looking around the world today it seems like we value national interest before global issues. Continue reading The Dalai Lama Tells The World That Simply Praying Is Not The Answer For Paris