Hungary plans to produce GMO-free milk, eggs and meat

Source: Slenders
Date: 18 September 2015

Hungary’s Ministry of Agriculture believes that keeping Hungarian agriculture GMO-free is a matter of “extremely high strategic importance.” In fact, Hungary’s Constitution states that:

Hungary shall promote the effective application of the right referred to in Paragraph (1) by an agriculture free of genetically modified organisms, by ensuring access to healthy food and drinking water, by organising safety at work and healthcare provision, by supporting sports and regular physical exercise, as well as by ensuring the protection of the environment.

The European Parliament voted in January 2015 that member states who wish to ban cultivation of GMOs would be able to. Over the years, Hungary has worked diligently to protect its sovereignty for fears of metaphorically being “swallowed by a large predatory fish,” i.e., the United States.

In May 2015, Jobbik reported that “US bio- and farming technology firms are apparently exercising significant pressure to soften European food safety regulations. He [Zoltán Balczó] specifically mentioned GMO’s potential further market penetration in Europe.”

Despite worries that the bullying of U.S. corporations may thwart EU nations’ efforts to ban GMO crops, Hungary is still moving forward with plans to produce “GMO-free milk, meat and egg products.” Continue reading Hungary plans to produce GMO-free milk, eggs and meat

Record 46.7 Million Americans Live In Poverty; Household Income Back To 1989 Levels

Source: Zerohedge
Date: 16 September 2015
Author: Tyler Durden

At this moment, president Obama is taking to the Business Roundtable where as noted previously he will discuss “the turnarounds in the stock market, housing iprices [sic?] and job growth.”

In other words: helping wealth inequality hit record levels, permitting Chinese and other offshore “investors” to push high-end US real estate prices to never before seen levels, while everyone else “benefits” from record jobs for bartenders and waiters.

As for the stock market, other socialist leaders will laugh at Obama’s puny returns.

That said, here are some things Obama will not discuss.

According to the just released Census Bureau annual report on Income and Poverty, in 2014 the official poverty rate was 14.8% as a result of a record 46.7 million Americans living in poverty. This is the fifth consecutive year since the end of the recession that the number of impoverished Americans has barely not budged. What recovery? Continue reading Record 46.7 Million Americans Live In Poverty; Household Income Back To 1989 Levels