Customs wants power to demand passwords

Source: Wake Up NZ Also on the NZ Ecoliberty site
Date: April 14, 2014

In the latest push towards a big brother state, the New Zealand Customs is requesting the power to demand traveler’s laptop and smartphone passwords without a warrant while going through border security. The suggested punishment for not complying? 3 months imprisonment.

The reasoning behind such an invasive law change is to help in the detection of objectionable material, evidence of offending, evidence of links to terrorism or to confirm travel plans. Currently under the Customs and Excise Act, Customs have the power to access smartphones and laptops only after getting a warrant, while under normal circumstances travelers are not legally obliged to provide a password or encryption key. Continue reading Customs wants power to demand passwords

Composting: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Didn’t Want To Ask)

Source:Off The Grid News
Date: 2 September 2015
Author: L. Larocque

Most people know what composting is but are often not sure how to create their own compost pile – or they wonder if it will really make a difference.

Creating a pile, though, is fairly easy and very beneficial to your garden as well as the environment as a whole.

There are three ways to create compost: aerobic composting, anaerobic composting and vermicomposting. Most composters are familiar with the first two, but the last one is less known since it requires a lot more work. For this article I’m going to concentrate on aerobic composting. However, I will explain the anaerobic system briefly. Continue reading Composting: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Didn’t Want To Ask)