Financial Expert Correctly Predicted Black Monday Weeks Before Collapse

Guest on the Alex Jones Show proven right

Nearly two weeks before it happened, financial expert Harry Dent predicted the Black Monday financial collapse on the Alex Jones Show.

“China is the greatest bubble in history, and it’s finally coming unraveled,” he said Aug. 13. “That’s why I’m confident that we are in, I’d say, weeks of the global bubble bursting again.”

“I think the U.S. markets are going to start heading down by early September, peaking in the next week or two, so I think this is happening.”

One thought on “Financial Expert Correctly Predicted Black Monday Weeks Before Collapse”

  1. Could this be the beginning of major global economic collapse as stock decline majorly? Even you don’t think the major global economic collapse is going to occur; it always to be prepare when whatever is coming; eg like starting a garden or whatever you’re good at.

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